Taxonomical update: May 6th, 2020
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Rune Midtgaard

The taxa (species or genera) below were described or revalidated since the deadline for the 1st edition of the RepFocus e-book (31st December, 2018). Most of the taxa are new to science, but some may be former synonyms revalidated to species (or genus) status, subspecies elevated to species status, or subgenera elevated to genus status. They have now been added to the taxonomic lists of this website, but not the regional checklists, the biodiversity pages, or the literature lists. As mentioned, most of the descriptions were published after 31st December, 2018, however, some may have been published earlier, but were omitted in the 1st edition.

Lizards (Sauria)

Family Agamidae
Hydrosaurus celebensis (status upgraded)
Hydrosaurus microlophus (status upgraded)

Family Chamaeleonidae
Calumma emelinae
Calumma radamanus
Calumma ratnasariae
Calumma tjiasmantoi

Family Cordylidae
Smaug swazicus

Family Gekkonidae
Cyrtodactylus crustulus
Cyrtodactylus dattkyaikensis
Cyrtodactylus evanquahi
Cyrtodactylus phnomchiensis
Cyrtodactylus taungwineensis
Cyrtodactylus urbanus
Dixonius lao
Hemidactylus murrayi (status upgraded)
Hemidactylus nzingae
Hemidactylus paivae
Hemiphyllodactylus kyaiktiyoensis
Hemiphyllodactylus ngwelwini
Hemiphyllodactylus nilgiriensis
Hemiphyllodactylus peninsularis
Hemiphyllodactylus pinlaungensis
Hemiphyllodactylus zwegabinensis
Lepidodactylus sacrolineatus
Microgecko laki

Family Gymnophthalmidae
Riolama grandis
Riolama stellata
Wilsonosaura (new genus)

Family Iguanidae
Iguana melanoderma

Family Lacertidae
Acanthodactylus lacrymae
Acanthodactylus montanus
Podarcis latastei (status upgraded)

Family Liolaemidae
Liolaemus balagueri

Family Scincidae
Mabuya cochonae (status upgraded)
Mabuya grandisterrae (status upgraded)
Mabuya guadeloupae (status upgraded)
Mabuya parviterrae (status upgraded)
Panaspis mocamedensis
Trachylepis albopunctata (status upgraded)

Family Sphaerodactylidae
Gonatodes chucuri
Gonatodes machelae

Snakes (Serpentes)

Family Colubridae
Coniophanes taeniatus
Dendrelaphis vogeli
Lycodon chithrasekarai
Mastigodryas dunni (status upgraded)
Mastigodryas laevis (status upgraded)
Mastigodryas ruthveni (status upgraded)
Mastigodryas slevini (status upgraded)
Mastigodryas veraecrucis (status upgraded)
Oligodon rostralis
Opisthotropis hungtai

Family Elapidae
Emydocephalus orarius
Micrurus diutius (status upgraded)

Family Pareidae
Asthenodipsas borneensis
Xylophis mosaicus

Family Uropeltidae
Uropeltis rajendrani

Family Viperidae
Crotalus ehecatl
Crotalus mictlantecuhtli
Gloydius liupanensis (status upgraded)
Gloydius qinlingensis (status upgraded)
Protobothrops kelomohy

Turtles (Testudines)

Family Chelidae
Chelus orinocensis