Reptiles of
Gorgona Island [Colombia]

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Bibliography of the reptiles of Gorgona Island Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Gorgona Island Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: 14th April, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
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Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Anolidae (Anoles)
Genus Dactyloa (Fringe-toed Anoles)
Dactyloa gorgonae

Gorgona Blue Anole

Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970
Dactyloa princeps

Paramba Anole

Ayala & Williams 1988
Genus Norops (Brilliant Anoles)
Norops parvauritus

South American Giant Green Anole

Armstead, Ayala-Varela, Torres-Carvajal, Ryan & Poe 2017 Ayala 1986 Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970 Williams 1966
 Family Gymnophthalmidae (Scaly-tongued Spectacled Tejus)
Genus Anadia (Smooth-scaled Spectacled Tejus)
Anadia vittata

Choco Smooth-scaled Teju

Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970 [as angusticeps]
Genus Echinosaura (Southern Rough Tejus)
Echinosaura horrida

Ecuadorian Rough Teju

Fritts, Almendariz & Samec 2002 Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970 Vasquez-Restrepo, Ibanez, Sanchez-Pacheco & Daza 2020
 Family Hoplocercidae (Club-tailed Iguanas)
Genus Enyalioides (Wood Lizards)
Enyalioides heterolepis

Spiny Wood Lizard

Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970 Torres-Carvajal, Etheridge & Queiroz 2011
 Family Polychrotidae (Monkey Lizards)
Genus Polychrus (Monkey Lizards)
Polychrus gutturosus

Central American Monkey Lizard

Gomez-Hoyos, Escobar-Lasso, Suarez-Joaqui & Velasco 2015
 Family Teiidae (Greater Tejus)
Genus Holcosus (Northwestern Ameivas)
Holcosus bridgesii

Colombian Ameiva

Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Boidae (Typical Boas)
Genus Boa (Red-tailed Boas)
Boa imperator

Central American Red-tailed Boa

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Atractus (Spindle Snakes)
Atractus medusa

Medusa Spindle Snake

Cisneros-Heredia & Romero 2015 Passos, Mueses-Cisneros, Lynch & Fernandes 2009
Genus Chironius (Sipos)
Chironius grandisquamis

Large-scaled Sipo

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
Genus Clelia (Northern Snake Eaters)
Clelia clelia

Common Snake Eater

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
Genus Imantodes (American Blunt-headed Tree Snakes)
Imantodes cenchoa

Common Blunt-headed Tree Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
Genus Leptophis (Neotropical Parrot Snakes)
Leptophis bocourti

Paramba Parrot Snake

Albuquerque & Fernandes 2022 Gomez-Hoyos, Escobar-Lasso, Suarez-Joaqui & Velasco 2015 [as L. ahaetulla] Oliver 1948 Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988 Peters & Orejas-Miranda 1970
Genus Mastigodryas (Neotropical Lizard Eaters)
Mastigodryas sp.

(Lizard Eater)

Montingelli, Valencia, Benavides & Zaher 2011 Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988 [as b. boddaerti]
Genus Oxybelis (Neotropical Vine Snakes)
Oxybelis brevirostris

Short-nosed Vine Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
Genus Phrynonax (Neotropical Bird Snakes)
Phrynonax sexcarinatus

Southern Bird Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988 [as polylepis]
Genus Spilotes (Chicken Snakes)
Spilotes sulphureus

Yellow-bellied Puffing Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
 Family Elapidae [part 1: terrestrial species] (Cobras, Mambas, etc.)
Genus Micrurus (American Coral Snakes)
Micrurus mipartitus

Red-tailed Coral Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
 Family Elapidae [part 2: marine species] (Sea Snakes)
Genus Hydrophis (Typical Sea Snakes)
Hydrophis platurus

Yellow-bellied Sea Snake

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
 Family Viperidae (Vipers)
Genus Bothrops (American Lanceheads)
Bothrops asper

Central American Lancehead

Campbell & Lamar 2004 Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988
Bothrops atrox

Common Lancehead

Perez-Santos & Moreno 1988

Turtles (Testudines)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Cheloniidae (Hard-shelled Sea Turtles)
Genus Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle)
Caretta caretta

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Green & Ortiz-Crespo in Bjorndal (ed.) 1982
Genus Chelonia (Green Sea Turtle)
Chelonia mydas

Green Sea Turtle

Amorocho & Reina 2007
Genus Eretmochelys (Hawksbill Sea Turtle)
Eretmochelys imbricata

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Green & Ortiz-Crespo in Bjorndal (ed.) 1982
 Family Dermochelyidae (Leatherback Sea Turtle)
Genus Dermochelys (Leatherback Sea Turtle)
Dermochelys coriacea

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Green & Ortiz-Crespo in Bjorndal (ed.) 1982