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Taxonomy of the family Agamidae
Bibliography of the genus Bronchocela
Biodiversity of the family Agamidae


Long-tailed Agamas, Slender Agamas



1827 Bronchocela Kaup (type species: Agama cristatella Kuhl 1820)
1841 Bronchoceles Troschel [substitute name for Bronchocela Kaup 1827]
1843 Lophodeira Fitzinger (type species: Agama cristatella Kuhl 1820; syn. Wermuth 1967)
Contents: 13 species, of which 8 (61.5%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in the genus Calotes (e.g., Wermuth 1967). Revalidated by Moody (1981) and validity confirmed by Böhme (1988).
Distribution: SE. Asia, Malay Archipelago.
Reported from: Brunei, Cambodia, India (Nicobar Islands), Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand (incl. Koh Kut Island), Vietnam.

Bronchocela burmana

Burmese Green Crested Lizard

Burmesische Langschwanzagame

Burmesisk Langhaleagam

1878 Bronchocela burmana Blanford

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of cristatella (e.g., Wermuth 1965; Diong & Lim 1998). Revalidated by Zug, Mulcahy & Vindum (2017). Although not yet confirmed, Thai records of cristatella from north of the Isthmus of Kra are believed to refer to burmana (Zug, Mulcahy & Vindum 2017).
Distribution: Myanmar, Thailand (incl. Koh Kut Island).

Bronchocela burmana
© Henrik Bringsøe

Bronchocela celebensis

Sulawesi Long-tailed Agama, Sulawesi Crested Lizard



1845 Bronchocela celebensis Gray
Calotes celebensis Boulenger 1885
Calotes cristatellus celebensis Boettger 1901

Distribution: Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Bronchocela cristatella

Malayan Green Crested Agama, Peninsular Green Crested Lizard, Green Tree Lizard, Bornean Bloodsucker, Red-spotted Garden Lizard, (Indonesian Calotes)

Grüne Langschwanzagame, (Borneo-Langschwanzagame, Borneo-Schönechse)

Grøn Langhaleagam

1820 Agama cristatella Kuhl
Bronchocela cristatella Kaup 1827
Calotes cristatella Wagler 1830
Agama cristatella Gray 1831
Lophodeira cristatellus Fitzinger 1834
1820 Agama gutturosa Merrem (Wermuth 1967)
1830 Agama moluccana Lesson (Wermuth 1967)
1861 Pseudocalotes archiducissae Fitzinger 1860[1861] (Das & Gemel 2000)
1878 Bronchocela intermedia Peters & Doria [not Calotes intermedius Berthold 1842] (Bischoff & Böhme 1984)
1913 Calotes octospinosus Baumann (Wermuth 1967)
1984 Bronchocela petersidoriai Böhme & Bischoff [substitute name for Bronchocela intermedia Peters & Doria 1878] (Bischoff & Böhme 1984)

Remarks: Previously included burmana. Records from Myanmar and Thai records of cristatella from north of the Isthmus of Kra are believed to refer to burmana (Zug, Mulcahy & Vindum 2017). Only few records from New Guinea exist (e.g., Fry 1915; de Rooij 1915; de Jong 1927; Diong & Lim 1998). The extent of the species' range in New Guinea needs further study (Diong & Lim 1998). Presence in Cambodia is herein regarded as unconfirmed, since only a single record without exact locality is known (Hallermann 2005). Records from the India (Nicobar Islands) refer to rubrigularis (Hallermann 2009).
Distribution: SE. Asia, Malay Archipelago.
Reported from: Brunei, Indonesia (Ambon, Anambas Islands, Bacan, Bangka, Banyak Islands, Bawean Islands, Buru, Buton, Gorong Archipelago, Halmahera, Java, Kai Islands, Kalimantan, Kangean Islands, Misool, Morotai, Natuna Islands, [incl. Bunguran], Nias, Pagai Islands [North Pagai], Riau Islands, Seram, Simeulue, Sipura, Sula Islands [Sanana], Sulawesi, Sumatra, Talaud Islands, Tanimbar Islands, Ternate, Weh, Western New Guinea), Malaysia, (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago, Penang Island, Perhentian Islands, Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Aur, Pemanggil, Tioman)]), Philippines (Bohol, Calamian Islands [Busuanga, Calauit], Camiguin Sur, Carabao, Cebu, Dinagat, Dumaran, Leyte, Luzon, Mapun, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Palawan, Panaon, Panay, Samar, Siargao, Sibuyan, Sulu Islands [Sangasanga, Siasi, Sibutu, Tumindao]), Singapore, Thailand.

Bronchocela cristatella
© Henrik Bringsøe

Bronchocela danieli

Great Nicobar Long-tailed Agama, Great Nicobar Calotes, (Daniel's Forest Lizard)

Nicobarische Langschwanzagame

Nicobarisk Langhaleagam

1973 Calotes danieli Tiwari & Biswas
Bronchocela danieli Welch, Cooke & Wright 1990

Distribution: India (Nicobar Islands).

Bronchocela hayeki

Sumatran Long-tailed Agama, (Hayek's Forest Lizard)

Hayeks Langschwanzagame


1928 Calotes hayeki Müller
Bronchocela hayeki Welch, Cooke & Wright 1990

Distribution: Indonesia (Sumatra).

Bronchocela jubata

Maned Long-tailed Agama, Maned Forest Lizard, Yellow-spotted Forest Lizard, Great Crested Canopy Lizard (Nicobar Green Lizard)



1837 Bronchocela jubata Dumeril & Bibron
Calotes jubata Duméril & Duméril 1851
1842 Calotes intermedius Berthold (Böhme & Bischoff 1984)

Remarks: Reports from the Nicobar Islands are considered erroneous, as no voucher specimens exist (Das 1999). Likewise, a record from Puduchery (formerly Pondichery) is considered doubtful and may have been based on an introduction (Hallermann 2005). Presence in India is thus regarded as unverified.
Distribution: Cambodia, Indonesia (Bali, Java, Kalimantan, Lingga Islands, Madura, Nias, Sebuku, Sulawesi, Sumatra), Philippines (Mindanao), Thailand.

Bronchocela marmorata

Marbled Long-tailed Agama, Marmorated Crested Lizard, Marmorated Bloodsucker, Philippine Calotes

Marmorierte Langschwanzagame


1845 Bronchocela marmorata Gray
Calotes marmoratus Boulenger 1885
1867 Calotes philippinus Peters (Wermuth 1967)
1922 Calotes marmoratus sanchezi Taylor

Remarks: Previously included Hypsilurus spinosus.
Distribution: Philippines (Carabao, Catanduanes, Luzon, Mindoro, Negros, Polillo, Sibuyan, Tablas).

Bronchocela orlovi

Gia Lai Long-tailed Agama, (Orlov's Long-tailed Agama, Orlov's Forest Lizard)

Orlovs Langschwanzagame

Gia Lai-langhaleagam

2004 Bronchocela orlovi Hallermann

Distribution: Vietnam.

Bronchocela rayaensis

Langkawi Long-tailed Agama, Mount Raya Green Crested Lizard



2015 Bronchocela rayaensis Grismer, Wood, Lee, Quah, Anuar, Ngadi & Sites

Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia: Langkawi Archipelago), Thailand.

Bronchocela rayaensis
© Henrik Bringsøe

Bronchocela rubrigularis

Red-throated Long-tailed Agama


Rødstrubet Langhaleagam

2010 Bronchocela rubrigularis Hallermann

Remarks: Previously regarded as a population of cristatella (e.g., Harikrishnan, Vasudevan & Choudhury 2010; Das 1996, 2003; Manthey 2008; Sharma 2002; Venugopal 2010a).
Distribution: India (Nicobar Islands).

Bronchocela shenlong

Mount Larut Long-tailed Agama, Shen Long Green Crested Lizard



2015 Bronchocela shenlong Grismer, Wood, Lee, Quah, Anuar, Ngadi & Sites

Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia).

Bronchocela smaragdina

Emerald Long-tailed Agama, (Chantaburi Green Tree Lizard, Chantaburi Forest Lizard, Günther's Bloodsucker)



1864 Bronchocela smaragdina Günther
Calotes smaragdinus Boulenger 1885

Remarks: Presence in Thailand needs confirmation (Pauwels & David 2005; Hallermann 2005), although reported from Chanthaburi by several authors (e.g., Nabhitabhata, Chan-ard & Chuaynkern 2004; Chuaynkern & Chuaynkern 2012; Chan-ard, Parr & Nabhitabhata 2015).
Distribution: Cambodia, Vietnam.

Bronchocela vietnamensis

Vietnamese Long-tailed Agama, Vietnamese Forest Lizard

Vietnamesische Langschwanzagame

Vietnamesisk Langhaleagam

2005 Bronchocela vietnamensis Hallermann

Distribution: Vietnam.