New reptile species described in 1925
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ę Rune Midtgaard

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Amphisbaenia (Worm Lizards): Amphisbaenidae (Typical Worm Lizards)

Mesobaena huebneri

Inirida Worm Lizard

1925 Mesobaena huebneri Mertens

Sauria (Lizards): Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)

Acanthocercus cyanocephalus

Blue-headed Ridgeback Agama*

1925 Agama cyanocephala Falk

Gonocephalus mjoebergi

Mount Murud Anglehead Agama*

1925 Gonocephalus mj÷bergi Smith

Phoxophrys spiniceps

Spiny-headed Shrub Agama

1925 Phoxophrys spiniceps Smith

Sauria (Lizards): Dactyloidae (Anoles)

Norops ahli

Escambray Blue-eyed Anole

1925 Anolis ahli Barbour

Sauria (Lizards): Diplodactylidae (Double-toed Geckos)

Diplodactylus laevis

Desert Fat-tailed Gecko

1925 Gymnodactylus laevis Sternfeld

Sauria (Lizards): Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)

Afroedura amatolica

Amatola Flat Gecko

1925 Oedura amatolica Hewitt

Afroedura karroica

Karoo Flat Gecko

1925 Oedura karroica Hewitt

Afroedura multiporis

Woodbush Flat Gecko

1925 Oedura pondolia multiporis Hewitt

Afroedura pondolia

Pondo Flat Gecko

1925 Oedura pondolia Hewitt

Afroedura transvaalica

Transvaal Flat Gecko

1925 Oedura transvaalica Hewitt

Cnemaspis nigridia

Dark Rock Gecko

1925 Gonatodes nigridius Smith

Cnemaspis siamensis

Siamese Rock Gecko

1925 Gonatodes siamensis Smith

Cyrtodactylus sworderi

Kota Tinggi Bent-toed Gecko*

1925 Gymnodactylus sworderi Smith

Gekko palawanensis

Palawan Narrow-disked Gecko

1925 Gekko palawanensis Taylor

Goggia essexi

Eastern Cape Dwarf Leaf-toed Gecko*

1925 Phyllodactylus essexi Hewitt

Sauria (Lizards): Gymnophthalmidae (Scaly-tongued Spectacled Tejus)

Bachia parkeri

Chenapowu River Earless Teju*

1925 Bachia parkeri Ruthven

Bachia talpa

Santa Marta Earless Teju*

1925 Bachia talpa Ruthven

Sauria (Lizards): Lacertidae (Typical Lizards)

Tropidosaura cottrelli

Drakensberg Mountain Lizard*

1925 Basutosaura cottrelli Hewitt

Sauria (Lizards): Phyllodactylidae (Leaf-toed Geckos)

Gymnodactylus amarali

Maranhao Naked-toed Gecko*

1925 Gymnodactylus amarali Barbour

Sauria (Lizards): Scincidae (Skinks)

Acontias breviceps

Short-headed Legless Skink

1925 Acontias breviceps Essex

Acontias gracilicauda

Thin-tailed Legless Skink

1925 Acontias gracilicauda Essex

Brachymeles pathfinderi

Cotabato Slender Skink*

1925 Brachymeles pathfinderi Taylor

Brachymeles wrighti

Benguet Slender Skink*

1925 Brachymeles wrighti Taylor

Eutropis englei

Mindanao Sun Skink*

1925 Mabuya englei Taylor

Eutropis wirzi

Nias Sun Skink*

1925 Mabuia wirzi Roux

Insulasaurus wrighti

Palawan Forest Skink*

1925 Insulasaurus wrighti Taylor

Scincella barbouri

Yunnan Ground Skink*

1925 Leiolopisma barbouri Stejneger

Scincella monticola

Yunnan Mountain Ground Skink

1925 Leiolopisma monticola Schmidt

Sphenomorphus murudensis

Mount Murud Forest Skink

1925 Sphenomorphus murudensis Smith

Sphenomorphus striatopunctatus (first described as Lygosoma punctatolineatum Boulenger 1907)

Sri Lanka Spot-lined Forest Skink*

1925 Lygosoma striatopunctatum Ahl [substitute name for Lygosoma punctatolineatum Boulenger 1907]

Serpentes (Snakes): Colubridae (Typical Snakes)

Apostolepis rondoni

Rondon Blackhead*

1925 Apostolepis rondoni Amaral

Elaphe bimaculata

Twin-spotted Rat Snake

1925 Elaphe bimaculata Schmidt

Erythrolamprus longiventris

Mato Grosso Smooth Snake*

1925 Liophis longiventris Amaral

Geophis ruthveni

Sarapiqui Earth Snake*

1925 Geophis ruthveni Werner

Hebius bitaeniatus

Two-striped Keelback

1925 Natrix bitŠniata Wall

Hebius clerki

Kachin Keelback*

1925 Natrix clerki Wall

Hebius popei

Chinese Mountain Keelback*

1925 Natrix popei Schmidt

Oligodon perkinsi

Culion Kukri Snake*

1925 Holarchus perkinsi Taylor

Rhabdophis murudensis

Fire-lipped Keelback

1925 Natrix murudensis Smith

Tantilla albiceps

Panamanian Centipede Snake*

1925 Tantilla albiceps Barbour

Serpentes (Snakes): Elapidae_1 (Cobras, Mambas, etc.)

Micrurus albicinctus

White-banded Coral Snake

1925 Micrurus albicinctus Amaral

Pseudonaja inframacula

Peninsula Brown Snake

1925 Demansia textilis inframacula Waite

Serpentes (Snakes): Viperidae (Vipers)

Bothrops mattogrossensis

Mato Grosso Lancehead

1925 Bothrops neuwiedii mattogrossensis Amaral

Bothrops pauloensis

Black-faced Lancehead

1925 Bothrops neuwiedii pauloensis Amaral

Viridovipera stejnegeri

Chinese Green Tree Pitviper

1925 Trimeresurus stejnegeri Schmidt

Viridovipera yunnanensis

Yunnan Green Tree Pitviper*

1925 Trimeresurus yunnanensis Schmidt

Testudines (Turtles): Emydidae (Western Pond Turtles)

Graptemys versa

Texas Map Turtle

1925 Graptemys pseudogeographica versa Stejneger

Terrapene nelsoni

Spotted Box Turtle

1925 Terrapene nelsoni Stejneger

Testudines (Turtles): Kinosternidae (American Mud and Musk Turtles)

Kinosternon abaxillare

Central Chiapas Mud Turtle

1925 Kinosternon abaxillare Baur

Kinosternon herrerai

Veracruz Mud Turtle*

1925 Kinosternon herrerai Stejneger