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Taxonomy and distribution of Reptiles (Reptilia)
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Reptiles (Reptilia)

Species considered: Data Deficient

Worm Lizards (Amphisbaenia)

Family Amphisbaenidae (Typical Worm Lizards)
Genus Amphisbaena (Neotropical Worm Lizards)
Amphisbaena hiata (Corrientes Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena lumbricalis (Rio Sao Francisco Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena medemi (Atlantico Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena myersi (Surinam Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena neglecta (Chapada Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena polygrammica (Central Peruvian Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena rozei (Bolivar Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena slateri (Southern Peruvian Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena slevini (Manaus Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena spurrelli (Choco Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena stejnegeri (Demerara Worm Lizard)
Amphisbaena tragorrhectes (Oriximina Worm Lizard)
Genus Ancylocranium (Sharp-snouted Worm Lizards)
Ancylocranium barkeri (Lindi Sharp-snouted Worm Lizard)
Ancylocranium ionidesi (Kilwa Sharp-snouted Worm Lizard)
Genus Baikia (Nigerian Worm Lizard)
Baikia africana (Nigerian Worm Lizard)
Genus Cercolophia (Keel-tailed Worm Lizards)
Cercolophia absaberi (Caceres Worm Lizard)
Genus Chirindia (Pink Round-headed Worm Lizards)
Chirindia mpwapwaensis (Mpwapwa Round-headed Worm Lizard)
Genus Cynisca (West African Round-headed Worm Lizards)
Cynisca degrysi (Sierra Leone Worm Lizard)
Cynisca kraussi (Ghanese Worm Lizard)
Cynisca muelleri (Akropong Worm Lizard)
Cynisca rouxae (Assacro Worm Lizard)
Cynisca schaeferi (Cameroon Worm Lizard)
Cynisca senegalensis (Senegal Worm Lizard)
Cynisca williamsi (Wenchi Worm Lizard)
Genus Dalophia (Blunt-tailed Worm Lizards)
Dalophia welwitschii (North Angolan Blunt-tailed Worm Lizard)
Genus Leposternon (South American Worm Lizards)
Leposternon scutigerum (Shielded Worm Lizard)
Genus Loveridgea (Round-snouted Worm Lizards)
Loveridgea phylofiniens (Ujiji Round-snouted Worm Lizard)
Genus Monopeltis (Spade-snouted Worm Lizards)
Monopeltis guentheri (Western Congo Worm Lizard)
Monopeltis jugularis (Equatorial Spade-snouted Worm Lizard)
Monopeltis perplexus (Western Angolan Spade-snouted Worm Lizard)
Genus Zygaspis (Purple Round-headed Worm Lizards)
Zygaspis kafuensis (Kafue Round-headed Worm Lizard)
Zygaspis maraisi (Cabo Delgado Round-headed Worm Lizard)
Family Trogonophidae (Short-headed Worm Lizards)
Genus Agamodon (Chisel-headed Worm Lizards)
Agamodon arabicus (Arabian Chisel-headed Worm Lizard)
Genus Pachycalamus (Socotra Worm Lizard)
Pachycalamus brevis (Socotra Worm Lizard)

Lizards (Sauria)

Family Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)
Genus Acanthosaura (Pricklenapes)
Acanthosaura bintangensis (Bintang Pricklenape)
Acanthosaura brachypoda (Fansipan Pricklenape)
Genus Agama (Typical Agamas)
Agama bocourti (Casamance Agama)
Genus Bronchocela (Long-tailed Agamas)
Bronchocela marmorata (Marbled Long-tailed Agama)
Bronchocela orlovi (Gia Lai Long-tailed Agama)
Genus Calotes (South Asian Forest Agamas)
Calotes minor (Short-tailed Ground Agama)
Calotes nigrigularis (Black-throated Forest Agama)
Genus Chelosania (Chameleon Dragon)
Chelosania brunnea (Chameleon Dragon)
Genus Cryptagama (Gravel Dragon)
Cryptagama aurita (Gravel Dragon)
Genus Diploderma (Eastern Mountain Agamas)
Diploderma grahami (Sichuan Mountain Agama)
Diploderma hamptoni (Mogok Mountain Agama)
Diploderma ngoclinense (Vietnamese Mountain Agama)
Genus Diporiphora (Two-pored Dragons)
Diporiphora convergens (Crystal Creek Two-lined Dragon)
Genus Gonocephalus (Western Anglehead Agamas)
Gonocephalus interruptus (Mindoro Anglehead Agama)
Gonocephalus lacunosus (Sikulikap Anglehead Agama)
Gonocephalus mjoebergi (Mount Murud Anglehead Agama)
Gonocephalus semperi (White-spotted Anglehead Agama)
Gonocephalus sophiae (Dark-spotted Anglehead Agama)
Genus Harpesaurus (Sunda Horned Agamas)
Harpesaurus borneensis (Bornean Horned Agama)
Harpesaurus modigliani (East Sumatran Horned Agama)
Genus Hypsilurus (Eastern Anglehead Agamas)
Hypsilurus bruijnii (Arfak Mountains Anglehead Agama)
Hypsilurus godeffroyi (Greater Crested Anglehead Agama)
Hypsilurus nigrigularis (Black-throated Anglehead Agama)
Hypsilurus ornatus (Ornate Anglehead Agama)
Hypsilurus tenuicephalus (Narrow-headed Anglehead Agama)
Genus Japalura (Western Mountain Agamas)
Japalura dasi (Agaupani Mountain Agama)
Genus Leiolepis (Butterfly Agamas)
Leiolepis guttata (Spotted Butterfly Agama)
Leiolepis triploida (Malayan Butterfly Agama)
Genus Microauris (Orange-lipped Forest Agama)
Microauris aurantolabium (Orange-lipped Forest Agama)
Genus Pseudocalotes (Long-headed Agamas)
Pseudocalotes drogon (Fraser's Hill Long-headed Agama)
Pseudocalotes khaonanensis (Khao Nan Long-headed Agama)
Pseudocalotes kontumensis (Kon Tum Long-headed Agama)
Pseudocalotes saravacensis (Sarawak Long-headed Agama)
Pseudocalotes sumatrana (Sumatran Long-headed Agama)
Pseudocalotes ziegleri (Vietnamese Long-headed Agama)
Genus Trapelus (Afro-Asian Ground Agamas)
Trapelus schmitzi (Chadian Plain Agama)
Genus Tympanocryptis (Australian Earless Dragons)
Tympanocryptis cephalus (Coastal Pebble Dragon)
Tympanocryptis pentalineata (Five-lined Earless Dragon)
Tympanocryptis uniformis (Even-scaled Earless Dragon)
Family Alopoglossidae (Fold-tongued Spectacled Tejus)
Genus Alopoglossus (Western Shade Tejus)
Alopoglossus bilineatus (Two-striped Shade Teju)
Alopoglossus gorgonae (Gorgona Shade Teju)
Alopoglossus grandisquamatus (Large-scaled Shade Teju)
Alopoglossus romaleos (Santa Marta Shade Teju)
Family Anguidae (Slowworms, etc.)
Genus Abronia (Arboreal Alligator Lizards)
Abronia antauges (Mount Orizaba Alligator Lizard)
Abronia bogerti (Sierra Atravesada Arboreal Alligator Lizard)
Abronia leurolepis (Flat-scaled Arboreal Alligator Lizard)
Abronia mitchelli (Cerro Pelon Arboreal Alligator Lizard)
Abronia ochoterenai (Northern Chiapas Alligator Lizard)
Abronia ornelasi (Cerro Baul Alligator Lizard)
Abronia ramirezi (Cerro la Vela Arboreal Alligator Lizard)
Abronia reidi (Volcan San Martin Arboreal Alligator Lizard)
Genus Barisia (Mexican Alligator Lizards)
Barisia levicollis (Chihuahuan Alligator Lizard)
Genus Celestus (Lesser Galliwasps)
Celestus adercus (Panamanian Galliwasp)
Celestus orobius (Hortensia Galliwasp)
Genus Diploglossus (Greater Galliwasps)
Diploglossus atitlanensis (Atitlan Galliwasp)
Diploglossus ingridae (Santa Martha Galliwasp)
Diploglossus montisilvestris (Darien Galliwasp)
Genus Dopasia (Oriental Glass Lizards)
Dopasia wegneri (Sumatra Glass Lizard)
Genus Gerrhonotus (Eastern Alligator Lizards)
Gerrhonotus rhombifer (Isthmian Alligator Lizard)
Family Chamaeleonidae (Chameleons)
Genus Brookesia (Short-nosed Stub-tailed Chameleons)
Brookesia lambertoni (Fito Stub-tailed Chameleon)
Genus Calumma (Madagascar Chameleons)
Calumma fallax (Ikongo Chameleon)
Calumma vatosoa (Tsararano Chameleon)
Genus Chamaeleo (Typical Chameleons)
Chamaeleo necasi (Togo Chameleon)
Genus Furcifer (Rascal Chameleons)
Furcifer tuzetae (Befandriana Chameleon)
Genus Kinyongia (East African Dwarf Chameleons)
Kinyongia gyrolepis (Lendu Plateau Chameleon)
Genus Trioceros (Equatorial Chameleons)
Trioceros kinetensis (Mount Kineti Chameleon)
Trioceros ntunte (Mount Nyiru Chameleon)
Trioceros schoutedeni (Congolese Montane Dwarf Chameleon)
Trioceros wiedersheimi (Northern Peacock Chameleon)
Family Cordylidae (Girdled Lizards)
Genus Cordylus (Girdled Lizards)
Cordylus angolensis (Angolan Girdled Lizard)
Cordylus ukingensis (Ukinga Girdled Lizard)
Family Dactyloidae (Anoles)
Genus Anolis (Typical Anoles)
Anolis incredulus (Turquino Emerald Anole)
Genus Dactyloa (Fringe-toed Anoles)
Dactyloa caquetae (Caqueta Anole)
Dactyloa deltae (Orinoco Delta Anole)
Dactyloa inderenae (Colombian Giant Anole)
Dactyloa laevis (Peruvian Smooth Anole)
Dactyloa nigrolineata (Machala Anole)
Dactyloa paravertebralis (Santa Maria Anole)
Dactyloa poei (Telimbela Anole)
Dactyloa propinqua (Rio Calima Anole)
Dactyloa santamartae (Santa Marta Anole)
Dactyloa umbrivaga (Perdida Anole)
Dactyloa williamsmittermeierorum (Venceremos Anole)
Genus Norops (Brilliant Anoles)
Norops alvarezdeltoroi (Mexican Cave Anole)
Norops boulengerianus (Tehuantepec Anole)
Norops cristifer (Crested Lichen Anole)
Norops cymbops (Veracruz Cloud Forest Anole)
Norops duellmani (Veracruz Pigmy Anole)
Norops forbesorum (Izucar de Matamoros Anole)
Norops ibague (Ibague Anole)
Norops lemniscatus (West Ecuadorian Anole)
Norops milleri (Quetzaltepec Anole)
Norops rubiginosus (Sierra Juarez Anole)
Norops scapularis (Santa Cruz Anole)
Norops schiedii (Schiede's Anole)
Norops subocularis (Pacific Anole)
Norops vicarius (Cordillera Occidental Anole)
Norops wampuensis (Olancho Anole)
Genus Xiphosurus (Sword-tail Giant Anoles)
Xiphosurus sierramaestrae (Sierra Maestra Bearded Anole)
Family Dibamidae (Blind Skinks)
Genus Dibamus (Oriental Blind Skinks)
Dibamus alfredi (Pattani Blind Skink)
Dibamus booliati (Kelantan Blind Skink)
Dibamus deharvengi (Southern Vietnamese Blind Skink)
Dibamus ingeri (Sabah Highland Blind Skink)
Dibamus montanus (Mountain Blind Skink)
Dibamus smithi (Langbian Plateau Blind Skink)
Dibamus somsaki (Chanthaburi Blind Skink)
Dibamus vorisi (Sabah Lowland Blind Skink)
Family Diplodactylidae (Double-toed Geckos)
Genus Bavayia (New Caledonian Brown Geckos)
Bavayia crassicollis (New Caledonian Strand Gecko)
Bavayia cyclura (New Caledonian Forest Gecko)
Bavayia montana (New Caledonian Montane Gecko)
Bavayia sauvagii (New Caledonian Forest Floor Gecko)
Genus Diplodactylus (Australian Ground and Stone Geckos)
Diplodactylus kenneallyi (Lake Buchanan Gecko)
Genus Strophurus (Spiny-tailed Geckos and Tail-squirters)
Strophurus congoo (Einasleigh Spiny-tailed Gecko)
Family Eublepharidae (Eyelid Geckos)
Genus Eublepharis (Southwest Asian Fat-tailed Geckos)
Eublepharis angramainyu (Persian Fat-tailed Gecko)
Genus Goniurosaurus (East Asian Leopard Geckos)
Goniurosaurus zhoui (Zhou's Leopard Gecko)
Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)
Genus Afroedura (Flat Geckos)
Afroedura granitica (Granitic Flat Gecko)
Afroedura pongola (Pongola Flat Gecko)
Afroedura rondavelica (Rondavels Flat Gecko)
Afroedura rupestris (Sekukhuneland Flat Gecko)
Genus Blaesodactylus (Madagascar Velvet Geckos)
Blaesodactylus ambonihazo (Mahajanga Velvet Gecko)
Genus Bunopus (South West Asian Tuberculated Geckos)
Bunopus crassicaudus (Thick-tailed Tuberculated Gecko)
Genus Cnemaspis (Afro-Asian Rock and Forest Geckos)
Cnemaspis aurantiacopes (Saffron-limbed Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis australis (Tirunelveli Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis beddomei (Travancore Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis dringi (Sarawak Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis flavolineata (Titiwangsa Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis gigas (Giant Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis jacobsoni (Simeulue Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis kolhapurensis (Kolhapur Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis laoensis (Laotian Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis leucura (Padawan Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis littoralis (Coastal Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis monticola (Kerala Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis nilagirica (Nilgiri Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis petrodroma (Ondo Rock Gecko)
Cnemaspis tropidogaster (Rough-bellied Rock Gecko)
Genus Cyrtodactylus (Australasian Bent-toed Geckos)
Cyrtodactylus aequalis (Mon State Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus arcanus (Dagbaru Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus ayeyarwadyensis (Ayeyarwady Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus bansocensis (Ban Soc Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus buchardi (Champasak Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus consobrinoides (Dawei Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus darevskii (Boulapha Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus dati (Bu Dop Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus derongo (Derongo Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus deveti (Moluccan Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus durio (Durian Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus feae (Puepoli Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus gordongekkoi (Lombok Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus irianjayaensis (West Irian Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus irregularis (Large-spotted Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus jelawangensis (Jelawang Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus kimberleyensis (Kimberley Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus lenya (Lenya Banded Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus mandalayensis (Mandalay Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus martini (Lai Chau Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus medioclivus (Tualapa Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus minor (Huon Peninsula Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus murua (Woodlark Island Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus payacola (Malaysian Swamp Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus payarhtanensis (Tenasserim Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus rufford (Nang Log Cave Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus russelli (Htamanthi Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus spelaeus (Khuang Lang Cave Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus stresemanni (Batang Padan Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus tamaiensis (Nam Tamai Valley Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus teyniei (Borikhamxay Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus variegatus (Variegated Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus vilaphongi (Luang Prabang Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus wakeorum (Rakhine State Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus wetariensis (Wetar Bent-toed Gecko)
Cyrtodactylus aaroni (Wondiwoi Bent-toed Gecko)
Genus Cyrtopodion (Palearctic Bent-toed Geckos)
Cyrtopodion gastrophole (Farsian Spider Gecko)
Genus Geckolepis (Fish-scale Geckos)
Geckolepis polylepis (Mojanga Fish-scale Gecko)
Genus Gehyra (Four-clawed Geckos)
Gehyra interstitialis (Western New Guinean Four-clawed Gecko)
Gehyra lampei (Madang Dtella)
Gehyra leopoldi (Doberai Dtella)
Gehyra serraticauda (Saw-tailed Dtella)
Genus Gekko (Typical Geckos)
Gekko auriverrucosus (Shanxi Narrow-disked Gecko)
Gekko bannaensis (Yunnan Gliding Gecko)
Gekko grossmanni (Khanh Hoa Narrow-disked Gecko)
Gekko iskandari (Sulawesi Flap-legged Gecko)
Gekko kikuchii (Lanyu Gecko)
Gekko nadenensis (Naden Karst Gecko)
Gekko rhacophorus (Kinabalu Gliding Gecko)
Gekko scabridus (Yunnan Narrow-disked Gecko)
Gekko truongi (Cuc Dong Cape Gecko)
Genus Hemidactylus (Half-toed Geckos)
Hemidactylus albivertebralis (White-lined Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus arnoldi (Guban Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus barbierii (Lake Turkana Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus lamaensis (Lama Forest Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus lemurinus (Dhofar Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus lopezjuradoi (Fogo Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus makolowodei (Northwest Cameroon Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus malcolmsmithi (Himachal Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus modestus (Tana River Gecko)
Hemidactylus pseudomuriceus (Azagny Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus scabriceps (Ramnad Scaled Gecko)
Hemidactylus smithi (Shebeli Half-toed Gecko)
Hemidactylus tanganicus (Dutumi Half-toed Gecko)
Genus Hemiphyllodactylus (Slender Geckos)
Hemiphyllodactylus insularis (Philippine Slender Gecko)
Hemiphyllodactylus larutensis (Larut Slender Gecko)
Hemiphyllodactylus zugi (Vietnamese Slender Gecko)
Genus Lepidodactylus (Scaly-toed Geckos)
Lepidodactylus buleli (Espiritu Santo Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus flaviocularis (Yellow-eyed Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus mutahi (Mutahi Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus oligoporus (Mortlock Islands Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus oorti (Moluccan Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus paurolepis (Palau Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus pulcher (Admiralty Islands Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus ranauensis (Kinabalu Scaly-toed Gecko)
Lepidodactylus shebae (Guadalcanal Scaly-toed Gecko)
Genus Luperosaurus (Flap-legged Geckos)
Luperosaurus corfieldi (Panay Flap-legged Gecko)
Luperosaurus cumingii (Southern Luzon Flap-legged Gecko)
Luperosaurus kubli (Mount Lataan Flap-legged Gecko)
Luperosaurus palawanensis (Palawan Flap-legged Gecko)
Luperosaurus sorok (Sabah Flap-legged Gecko)
Luperosaurus yasumai (Kalimantan Flap-legged Gecko)
Genus Lygodactylus (African-Neotropical Dwarf Geckos)
Lygodactylus decaryi (Angavo Mountains Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus grandisonae (Murri Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus grzimeki (Lake Manyara Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus inexpectatus (Dar es Salaam Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus methueni (Woodbush Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus pauliani (Itremo Mountains Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus scheffleri (Kibwezi Dwarf Gecko)
Lygodactylus uluguruensis (Uluguru Dwarf Gecko)
Genus Matoatoa (Madagascar Ghost Geckos)
Matoatoa spannringi (Fianarantsoa Ghost Gecko)
Genus Mediodactylus (Mediterranean Bent-toed Geckos)
Mediodactylus aspratilis (Persian Keel-scaled Gecko)
Mediodactylus heteropholis (Iraqi Keel-scaled Gecko)
Mediodactylus sagittifer (Bampur Thin-toed Gecko)
Genus Microgecko (Southwest Asian Dwarf Geckos)
Microgecko helenae (Banded Dwarf Gecko)
Genus Nactus (Hook-toed Geckos)
Nactus kunan (Manus Island Hook-toed Gecko)
Genus Perochirus (Saw-tailed Geckos)
Perochirus guentheri (Vanuatu Saw-tailed Gecko)
Genus Phelsuma (Green Day Geckos)
Phelsuma borai (Tsingy de Bemaraha Day Gecko)
Phelsuma gouldi (Anja Day Gecko)
Phelsuma hoeschi (Ampasimanolotra Day Gecko)
Phelsuma kely (Lake Ampitabe Day Gecko)
Genus Tenuidactylus (Central Asian Thin-toed Geckos)
Tenuidactylus dadunensis (Dadun Thin-toed Gecko)
Genus Tropiocolotes (Afro-Asian Desert Dwarf Geckos)
Tropiocolotes nubicus (Nubian Dwarf Gecko)
Tropiocolotes wolfgangboehmei (Saudi Arabian Dwarf Gecko)
Genus Urocotyledon (Tail-pad Geckos)
Urocotyledon weileri (Cameroon Tail-pad Gecko)
Family Gerrhosauridae (Plated Lizards)
Genus Zonosaurus (Madagascar Plated Lizards)
Zonosaurus maramaintso (Mahajanga Plated Lizard)
Family Gymnophthalmidae (Scaly-tongued Spectacled Tejus)
Genus Anadia (Smooth-scaled Spectacled Tejus)
Anadia bumanguesa (Santander Smooth-scaled Teju)
Anadia petersi (Loja Smooth-scaled Teju)
Genus Andinosaura (Andean Spectacled Tejus)
Andinosaura afrania (Antioquia Highland Teju)
Andinosaura hyposticta (Paramba Highland Teju)
Andinosaura stellae (Narino Highland Teju)
Andinosaura vieta (Rugose-scaled Highland Teju)
Genus Bachia (Earless Tejus)
Bachia barbouri (Perico Earless Teju)
Bachia beebei (Caripito Earless Teju)
Bachia cacerensis (Caceres Earless Teju)
Bachia intermedia (Cajamarca Earless Teju)
Bachia lineata (Duaca Earless Teju)
Bachia marcelae (La Luz Earless Teju)
Bachia pallidiceps (Rio Truando Earless Teju)
Bachia whitei (Tobago Earless Teju)
Genus Cercosaura (Eastern Shade Tejus)
Cercosaura anomala (Cusco Shade Teju)
Cercosaura hypnoides (Meta Shade Teju)
Cercosaura steyeri (Corrientes Shade Teju)
Genus Colobodactylus (Southeast Brazilian Spectacled Tejus)
Colobodactylus dalcyanus (Itatiaia Spectacled Teju)
Genus Euspondylus (Sun Tejus)
Euspondylus maculatus (Spotted Sun Teju)
Euspondylus nellycarrillae (Huanuco Sun Teju)
Euspondylus simonsii (Puntoyacu Sun Teju)
Genus Gymnophthalmus (Snake-eyed Tejus)
Gymnophthalmus leucomystax (White Snake-eyed Teju)
Gymnophthalmus vanzoi (Roraima Snake-eyed Teju)
Genus Kaieteurosaurus (Kaieteur Spectacled Teju)
Kaieteurosaurus hindsi (Kaieteur Spectacled Teju)
Genus Loxopholis (Western Root Tejus)
Loxopholis caparensis (Caparo Root Teju)
Loxopholis ioanna (Cauca Root Teju)
Genus Macropholidus (Large-scaled Spectacled Tejus)
Macropholidus ataktolepis (Cajamarca Large-scaled Spectacled Teju)
Macropholidus huancabambae (Huancabamba Large-scaled Spectacled Teju)
Genus Petracola (Peruvian Rock Tejus)
Petracola labioocularis (Huanuco Rock Teju)
Genus Pholidobolus (Flat-headed Mountain Tejus)
Pholidobolus dicrus (Mapoto Mountain Teju)
Genus Potamites (Western Water Tejus)
Potamites montanicola (Cusco Water Teju)
Genus Proctoporus (Lightbulb Tejus)
Proctoporus laudahnae (Huanuco Lightbulb Teju)
Proctoporus oreades (Pasco Lightbulb Teju)
Proctoporus rahmi (Cusco Lightbulb Teju)
Genus Riama (Southern Highland Spectacled Tejus)
Riama inanis (Portuguesa Highland Teju)
Riama yumborum (Yumbo Highland Teju)
Family Iguanidae (Greater Iguanas)
Genus Ctenosaura (Northern Spiny-tailed Iguanas)
Ctenosaura quinquecarinata (Central American Armed Iguana)
Family Lacertidae (Typical Lizards)
Genus Acanthodactylus (Fringe-toed Lizards)
Acanthodactylus boueti (Benin Fringe-toed Lizard)
Acanthodactylus gongrorhynchatus (Saudi Fringe-toed Lizard)
Acanthodactylus masirae (Masirah Fringe-toed Lizard)
Acanthodactylus nilsoni (Persian Fringe-toed Lizard)
Acanthodactylus taghitensis (Taghit Fringe-toed Lizard)
Genus Darevskia (Caucasian Rock Lizards)
Darevskia steineri (Northeast Persian Rock Lizard)
Genus Eremias (Desert and Steppe Runners)
Eremias kokshaaliensis (Kokshaal Desert Runner)
Eremias quadrifrons (Alashan Desert Runner)
Eremias szczerbaki (Arpa Valley Desert Runner)
Genus Ichnotropis (Rough-scaled Lizards)
Ichnotropis microlepidota (Benguela Rough-scaled Lizard)
Ichnotropis tanganicana (Tanzanian Rough-scaled Lizard)
Genus Iranolacerta (Persian Lizards)
Iranolacerta brandtii (Common Persian Lizard)
Genus Latastia (African Long-tailed Lizards)
Latastia ornata (Ornate Long-tailed Lizard)
Genus Mesalina (Afro-Asian Desert Lizards)
Mesalina ayunensis (Ayun Desert Lizard)
Genus Nucras (Sandveld Lizards)
Nucras aurantiaca (Golden Sandveld Lizard)
Genus Ophisops (Snake-eyed Lizards)
Ophisops elbaensis (Mount Elba Snake-eyed Lizard)
Genus Philochortus (Shield-backed Ground Lizards)
Philochortus rudolfensis (Turkana Shield-backed Ground Lizard)
Genus Pseuderemias (Sand Runners)
Pseuderemias striata (Striped Sand Runner)
Genus Takydromus (Oriental Grass Lizards)
Takydromus madaensis (Ma Da Grass Lizard)
Family Leiosauridae (Smooth Iguanas)
Genus Leiosaurus (Typical Smooth Iguanas)
Leiosaurus paronae (Mendoza Smooth Iguana)
Genus Pristidactylus (Copper Iguanas)
Pristidactylus fasciatus (Banded Copper Lizard)
Genus Urostrophus (Steppe Iguanas)
Urostrophus gallardoi (Argentine Steppe Iguana)
Family Liolaemidae (South American Lesser Iguanas)
Genus Liolaemus (Smooth-throated Lizards)
Liolaemus burmeisteri (Chos Malal Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus cinereus (Ashy Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus confusus (Lolol Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus cyaneinotatus (Pehuenches Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus disjunctus (Huamachuco Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus ditadai (Salinas Grandes Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus duellmani (El Manzano Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus erroneus (San Pedro Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus exploratum (Lago Buenos Aires Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus griseus (Grey Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus hermannunezi (Los Barros Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus kuhlmanni (Jalmel Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus lentus (La Pampa Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus melanopleurus (Black-sided Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus montanezi (San Guillermo Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus neuquensis (Volcan Morada Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus scolaroi (Jeinimeni Smooth-throated Lizard)
Liolaemus ubaghsi (Chapa Verde Smooth-throated Lizard)
Genus Phymaturus (South American Chuckwallas)
Phymaturus desuetus (Rio Negro Chuckwalla)
Phymaturus indistinctus (Las Pulgas Chuckwalla)
Phymaturus manuelae (Comallo Chuckwalla)
Family Phrynosomatidae (North American Lesser Iguanas)
Genus Phrynosoma (Horned Lizards)
Phrynosoma ditmarsi (Rock Horned Lizard)
Genus Sceloporus (Northern Spiny Lizards)
Sceloporus halli (Oaxacan Large-scaled Spiny Lizard)
Sceloporus lemosespinali (Chihuahua Graphic Lizard)
Sceloporus salvini (Veracruz Green Spiny Lizard)
Sceloporus subpictus (Paint-bellied Spiny Lizard)
Sceloporus tanneri (Juquila Spiny Lizard)
Family Phyllodactylidae (Leaf-toed Geckos)
Genus Phyllodactylus (American Leaf-toed Geckos)
Phyllodactylus baurii (Floreana Leaf-toed Gecko)
Phyllodactylus clinatus (Piura Leaf-toed Gecko)
Phyllodactylus gilberti (Wolf Island Leaf-toed Gecko)
Phyllodactylus paucituberculatus (Rio Marquez Valley Gecko)
Phyllodactylus pumilus (Ecuadorian Dwarf Leaf-toed Gecko)
Genus Tarentola (Wall Geckos)
Tarentola albertschwartzi (Jamaican Giant Gecko)
Tarentola rudis (Santiago Greater Wall Gecko)
Genus Thecadactylus (Turnip-tailed Geckos)
Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum (Saint Martin Turnip-tailed Gecko)
Family Polychrotidae (Monkey Lizards)
Genus Polychrus (Monkey Lizards)
Polychrus jacquelinae (Bolivar Monkey Lizard)
Family Pygopodidae (Flap-footed Lizards)
Genus Aprasia (Blunt-tailed Scaly-foots)
Aprasia clairae (Batavia Coast Worm Lizard)
Aprasia picturata (Black-headed Worm Lizard)
Aprasia wicherina (Wicherina Worm Lizard)
Family Scincidae (Skinks)
Genus Ablepharus (Eurasian Snake-eyed Skinks)
Ablepharus darvazi (Tajik Snake-eyed Skink)
Genus Acontias (Greater Legless Skinks)
Acontias albigularis (White-throated Legless Skink)
Acontias richardi (Limpopo Blind Legless Skink)
Acontias wakkerstroomensis (Wakkerstroom Legless Skink)
Genus Barkudia (Indian Limbless Skinks)
Barkudia melanosticta (Black-spotted Limbless Skink)
Genus Brachymeles (Indo-Malayan Slender Skinks)
Brachymeles elerae (Four-toed Slender Skink)
Brachymeles pathfinderi (Cotabato Slender Skink)
Brachymeles wrighti (Benguet Slender Skink)
Genus Brachyseps (Madagascar Short-legged Skinks)
Brachyseps mandady (Masoala Short-legged Skink)
Brachyseps spilostichus (Spotted-lined Short-legged Skink)
Genus Caledoniscincus (New Caledonian Leaf-litter Skinks)
Caledoniscincus cryptos (Cryptic Leaf-litter Skink)
Genus Carlia (Australian-Pacific Rainbow Skinks)
Carlia quinquecarinata (Torres Strait Rainbow Skink)
Genus Chalcides (Cylindrical Skinks)
Chalcides levitoni (Southwest Arabian Cylindrical Skink)
Chalcides pentadactylus (Indian Cylindrical Skink)
Genus Copeoglossum (Neotropical Spotted Skinks)
Copeoglossum margaritae (Margarita Skink)
Genus Cophoscincopus (West African Keeled Water Skinks)
Cophoscincopus senegalensis (Senegalese Keeled Water Skink)
Genus Cryptoblepharus (Indo-Pacific Snake-eyed Skinks)
Cryptoblepharus ater (Grande Comore Snake-eyed Skink)
Cryptoblepharus gurrmul (Arafura Snake-eyed Skink)
Cryptoblepharus richardsi (Misima Snake-eyed Skink)
Cryptoblepharus xenikos (Trans-Fly Snake-eyed Skink)
Genus Ctenotus (Australian Comb-eared Skinks)
Ctenotus vagus (Uneven-striped Comb-eared Skink)
Genus Dasia (Indo-Malayan Tree Skinks)
Dasia semicincta (Southern Keel-scaled Tree Skink)
Genus Egernia (Australian Greater Skinks)
Egernia douglasi (Kimberley Crevice Skink)
Genus Emoia (Emo Skinks)
Emoia coggeri (Singorakai Slender Skink)
Emoia cyclops (Cyclops Mountains Slender Skink)
Emoia digul (Digul River Slender Skink)
Emoia jamur (Lake Jamur Slender Skink)
Emoia klossi (Utakwa River Slender Skink)
Emoia laobaoense (Laobao Mangrove Skink)
Emoia mivarti (Admiralty Islands Slender Skink)
Emoia paniai (Paniai Slender Skink)
Emoia ruficauda (Red-tailed Slender Skink)
Genus Epibator (New Caledonian Tree Skinks)
Epibator greeri (Koumac Tree Skink)
Genus Eremiascincus (Glossy Night Skinks and Sand Swimmers)
Eremiascincus timorensis (Timor Glossy Night Skink)
Genus Eumecia (East African Short-legged Skinks)
Eumecia johnstoni (Malawi Short-legged Skink)
Genus Eutropis (South Asian Sun Skinks)
Eutropis darevskii (Vietnamese Sun Skink)
Eutropis englei (Mindanao Sun Skink)
Eutropis gansi (Kalakkad Forest Sun Skink)
Eutropis innotata (Bronzy-Olive Sun Skink)
Genus Flexiseps (Madagascar Cylindrical Skinks)
Flexiseps andranovahensis (Andranovaho Cylindrical Skink)
Flexiseps elongatus (Elongate Cylindrical Skink)
Flexiseps gastrostictus (Belly-spotted Cylindrical Skink)
Flexiseps meva (Bicoloured Cylindrical Skink)
Flexiseps stylus (Clawless Cylindrical Skink)
Genus Fojia (Papuan Forest Stream Skink)
Fojia bumui (Papuan Forest Stream Skink)
Genus Insulasaurus (Island Forest Skinks)
Insulasaurus arborens (Negros Forest Skink)
Insulasaurus wrighti (Palawan Forest Skink)
Genus Kaestlea (Indian Ground Skinks)
Kaestlea palnica (Palni Hills Ground Skink)
Genus Lampropholis (Australian Sun Skinks)
Lampropholis colossus (Bunya Sun Skink)
Lampropholis elongata (Elongate Sun Skink)
Genus Larutia (Malay Slender Forest Skinks)
Larutia puehensis (Berumput Two-toed Skink)
Larutia sumatrensis (Sumatran Two-toed Skink)
Genus Leptoseps (Four-toed Slender Skinks)
Leptoseps poilani (Vietnamese Four-toed Slender Skink)
Genus Leptosiaphos (Slender Leaf-litter Skinks)
Leptosiaphos blochmanni (Kivu Three-toed Skink)
Leptosiaphos dungeri (Nigerian Leaf-litter Skink)
Leptosiaphos rhodurus (Kivu Leaf-litter Skink)
Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis (Udzungwa Five-toed Skink)
Genus Lerista (Sliders)
Lerista axillaris (Kalbarri Robust Slider)
Lerista bunglebungle (Bunglebungle Robust Slider)
Lerista ingrami (McIver River Slider)
Lerista praefrontalis (Yampi Sand Slider)
Lerista quadrivincula (Four-lined Slider)
Lerista robusta (Egans Bore Robust Slider)
Lerista viduata (Ravensthorpe Five-toed Slider)
Genus Lipinia (Indo-Pacific Striped Skinks)
Lipinia albodorsalis (White-backed Striped Skink)
Lipinia cheesmanae (Cyclops Mountains Striped Skink)
Lipinia miangensis (Miang Island Striped Skink)
Lipinia nitens (Sarawak Striped Skink)
Lipinia rabori (Black Slender Striped Skink)
Lipinia semperi (Mindanao Striped Skink)
Lipinia surda (Malayan Striped Skink)
Lipinia venemai (Doberai Peninsula Striped Skink)
Lipinia vulcania (Dapitan Peak Striped Skink)
Lipinia zamboangensis (Zamboanga Striped Skink)
Genus Lobulia (Papuan Comb-eared Skinks)
Lobulia glacialis (Papuan Glacier Skink)
Genus Lygisaurus (Australian-Papuan Leaf-litter Skinks)
Lygisaurus absconditus (Bulleringa Leaf-litter Skink)
Genus Lygosoma (Southeast Asian Writhing Skinks)
Lygosoma isodactylum (Even-toed Supple Skink)
Genus Madascincus (Madagascar Short-legged Skinks)
Madascincus ankodabensis (Ankodabe Short-legged Skink)
Genus Marisora (Middle American Skinks)
Marisora magnacornae (Islas del Maiz Skink)
Genus Melanoseps (Black Limbless Skinks)
Melanoseps longicauda (Long-tailed Limbless Skink)
Genus Mesoscincus (Central American Giant Skinks)
Mesoscincus altamirani (Tepalcatepec Skink)
Genus Oligosoma (New Zealand Lesser Skinks)
Oligosoma notosaurus (Southern Skink)
Genus Ophiomorus (South West Asian Snake Skinks)
Ophiomorus latastii (Striped Snake Skink)
Genus Panaspis (African Snake-eyed Skinks)
Panaspis cabindae (Cabinda Snake-eyed Skink)
Panaspis seydeli (Congolese Snake-eyed Skink)
Panaspis wilsoni (Sudan Snake-eyed Skink)
Genus Papuascincus (Papuan Slender Skinks)
Papuascincus phaeodes (West Papuan Slender Skink)
Genus Paracontias (Madagascar Legless Skinks)
Paracontias manify (Manarikoba Forest Legless Skink)
Paracontias milloti (Nosy Mamoko Legless Skink)
Paracontias tsararano (Tsararano Forest Legless Skink)
Paracontias vermisaurus (Angozongahy Legless Skink)
Genus Parvoscincus (Philippine Dwarf Forest Skinks)
Parvoscincus laterimaculatus (Bicol Peninsula Dwarf Forest Skink)
Parvoscincus lawtoni (Balbalan Dwarf Forest Skink)
Parvoscincus palawanensis (Palawan Earless Dwarf Forest Skink)
Genus Plestiodon (Blue-tailed Skinks)
Plestiodon colimensis (Colima Skink)
Plestiodon liui (Jiangsu Blue-tailed Skink)
Plestiodon multilineatus (Chihuahua Skink)
Plestiodon parviauriculatus (Northern Pygmy Skink)
Plestiodon parvulus (Southern Pygmy Skink)
Plestiodon popei (Fujian Blue-tailed Skink)
Plestiodon takarai (Senkaku Skink)
Genus Proscelotes (African Slender Skinks)
Proscelotes aenea (Mozambique Slender Skink)
Genus Pseudemoia (Australian Grass Skinks)
Pseudemoia rawlinsoni (Glossy Grass Skink)
Genus Pseudoacontias (Madagascar Small-eyed Sliders)
Pseudoacontias madagascariensis (Madagascar Limbless Slider)
Genus Riopa (Asian Gracile Skinks)
Riopa bampfyldei (Sarawak Gracile Skink)
Riopa boehmei (Quang Binh Gracile Skink)
Riopa goaensis (Goa Gracile Skink)
Riopa singha (Sri Lankan Gracile Skink)
Riopa vosmaerii (Bengal Gracile Skink)
Genus Ristella (Cat Skinks)
Ristella guentheri (Sirimallai Cat Skink)
Ristella rurkii (Reddish-brown Cat Skink)
Ristella travancorica (Travancore Cat Skink)
Genus Saproscincus (Shade Skinks)
Saproscincus eungellensis (Eungella Shade Skink)
Genus Scincella (South Asian and American Ground Skinks)
Scincella apraefrontalis (Huulien Ground Skink)
Scincella darevskii (Dien Bien Ground Skink)
Scincella devorator (Grasshopper-eating Forest Skink)
Scincella przewalskii (Gansu Ground Skink)
Scincella rara (Panamanian Ground Skink)
Scincella schmidti (Mount Washan Ground Skink)
Genus Scincopus (Tiger Skinks)
Scincopus fasciatus (Banded Tiger Skink)
Genus Scolecoseps (East African Sand Skinks)
Scolecoseps acontias (Limbless Sand Skink)
Scolecoseps boulengeri (Mozambique Sand Skink)
Scolecoseps litipoensis (Litipo Sand Skink)
Genus Sphenomorphus (Indo-Pacific Forest Skinks)
Sphenomorphus alfredi (Savu Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus annectens (Moroka Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus anomalopus (Penang Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus bacboensis (Bacbo Dwarf Skink)
Sphenomorphus buettikoferi (Mount Liang Kubung Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus crassus (Thick Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus diwata (Diwata Mountains Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus fragosus (Bougainville Black-Lined Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus grandisonae (Thai Dwarf Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus helenae (Nothaburi Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus haasi (Sarawak Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus maculicollus (White-throated Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus mimicus (Mimic Dwarf Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus mimikanus (Mimika River Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus murudensis (Mount Murud Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus rufus (Reddish Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus senja (Malayan Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus sheai (Kon Tum Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus shelfordi (Mount Penrisen Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus tanahtinggi (Mount Lumaku Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus taylori (Bougainville Yellow-banded Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus tenuiculus (Narrow-necked Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus transversus (Kunua Banded Forest Skink)
Sphenomorphus wollastoni (South Papuan Forest Skink)
Genus Subdoluseps (Asian Agile Skinks)
Subdoluseps frontoparietalis (Pigmy Agile Skink)
Subdoluseps pruthi (Tamil Nadu Agile Skink)
Genus Trachylepis (African-American Grass and Forest Skinks)
Trachylepis bayonii (Equatorial Mountain Grass Skink)
Trachylepis betsileana (Betsileo Skink)
Trachylepis keroanensis (Kerouane Skink)
Trachylepis laevigata (Limpopo Variable Skink)
Trachylepis monardi (Angolan Striped Skink)
Trachylepis vezo (Lavenombato White-spotted Skink)
Genus Tribolonotus (Casque-headed Skinks)
Tribolonotus annectens (New Britain Casque-headed Skink)
Tribolonotus brongersmai (Manus Island Casque-headed Skink)
Tribolonotus ponceleti (Greater Bougainville Casque-headed Skink)
Genus Tropidophorus (Stream Skinks)
Tropidophorus hangnam (Spiny-tailed Stream Skink)
Tropidophorus iniquus (Kajan River Stream Skink)
Tropidophorus latiscutatus (Broad-scaled Stream Skink)
Tropidophorus matsuii (Isaan Stream Skink)
Tropidophorus micropus (Short-legged Stream Skink)
Tropidophorus sebi (Baleh Stream Skink)
Genus Tumbunascincus (Orange-speckled Forest Skink)
Tumbunascincus luteilateralis (Orange-speckled Forest Skink)
Genus Tytthoscincus (Dwarf Leaf-litter Skinks)
Tytthoscincus batupanggah (Batu Panggah Leaf-litter Skink)
Tytthoscincus cophias (Mount Tahan Leaf-litter Skink)
Tytthoscincus leproauricularis (Scaly-eared Leaf-litter Skink)
Tytthoscincus panchorensis (Mount Panchor Leaf-litter Skink)
Tytthoscincus sibuensis (Sibu Island Leaf-litter Skink)
Genus Vietnascincus (Vietnamese Rough-scaled Tree Skink)
Vietnascincus rugosus (Vietnamese Rough-scaled Tree Skink)
Family Sphaerodactylidae (Least Geckos, etc.)
Genus Aristelliger (Croaking Geckos)
Aristelliger barbouri (Inagua Croaking Gecko)
Genus Coleodactylus (Sheath-toed Pygmy Geckos)
Coleodactylus natalensis (Natal Pygmy Gecko)
Genus Gonatodes (American Padless Geckos)
Gonatodes lichenosus (Lichen Padless Gecko)
Gonatodes ligiae (Barinas Padless Gecko)
Genus Lepidoblepharis (Scaly-eyed Geckos)
Lepidoblepharis colombianus (Colombian Scaly-eyed Gecko)
Lepidoblepharis microlepis (Rio Atrato Scaly-eyed Gecko)
Lepidoblepharis oxycephalus (Sharp-nosed Scaly-eyed Gecko)
Genus Pristurus (Semaphore Geckos)
Pristurus adrarensis (Mauritanian Semaphore Gecko)
Pristurus mazbah (Mazbah Semaphore Gecko)
Genus Pseudogonatodes (South American Pygmy Geckos)
Pseudogonatodes furvus (Colombian Pygmy Gecko)
Genus Sphaerodactylus (Least Geckos)
Sphaerodactylus bromeliarum (Cuban Bromeliad Least Gecko)
Sphaerodactylus cricoderus (Turquino Collared Least Gecko)
Sphaerodactylus docimus (Cabo Cruz Banded Least Gecko)
Sphaerodactylus elegantulus (Antigua Bank Least Gecko)
Sphaerodactylus gilvitorques (Jamaican Collared Least Gecko)
Sphaerodactylus micropithecus (Monito Least Gecko)
Family Teiidae (Greater Tejus)
Genus Ameiva (South American Ameivas)
Ameiva pantherina (Panther Ameiva)
Genus Aspidoscelis (Northern Whiptails)
Aspidoscelis opatae (Opata Whiptail)
Genus Contomastix (Short-tailed Whiptails)
Contomastix leachei (Jujuy Whiptail)
Contomastix vacariensis (Vacaria Whiptail)
Genus Holcosus (Northwestern Ameivas)
Holcosus chaitzami (Alta Verapaz Ameiva)
Genus Pholidoscelis (Caribbean Ameivas)
Pholidoscelis major (Petite Terre Islands Ameiva)
Family Tropiduridae (Rough-tailed Iguanas)
Genus Eurolophosaurus (Espinhaço Mountains Keel-tailed Iguanas)
Eurolophosaurus amathites (Amathites Keel-tailed Iguana)
Genus Microlophus (Pacific Keel-tailed Iguanas)
Microlophus heterolepis (Odd-scaled Pacific Iguana)
Microlophus tarapacensis (Tarapaca Pacific Iguana)
Genus Stenocercus (Whorl-tailed Iguanas)
Stenocercus bolivarensis (Bolivar Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus chlorostictus (Green-spotted Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus formosus (Tulumayo River Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus ivitus (Piura Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus nigromaculatus (Black-spotted Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus nubicola (Cloud Forest Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Stenocercus praeornatus (Comas Whorl-tailed Iguana)
Genus Tropidurus (Eastern Keel-tailed Iguanas)
Tropidurus psammonastes (Barra Keel-tailed Iguana)
Family Varanidae (Monitor Lizards)
Genus Varanus (Monitor Lizards)
Varanus beccarii (Aru Islands Black Tree Monitor)
Varanus boehmei (Golden-speckled Tree Monitor)
Varanus kordensis (Biak Emerald Tree Monitor)
Varanus sparnus (Dampier Peninsula Monitor)
Varanus telenesetes (Rossel Island Tree Monitor)
Varanus yemenensis (Yemen Monitor)
Family Xantusiidae (Night Lizards)
Genus Lepidophyma (Tropical Night Lizards)
Lepidophyma chicoasensis (Sumidero Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma dontomasi (Lachiguiri Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma lineri (Loxicha Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma lowei (Zoogocho Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma radula (Yautepec Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma tarascae (Tarascan Tropical Night Lizard)
Lepidophyma tuxtlae (Tuxtlan Tropical Night Lizard)
Genus Xantusia (Northern Night Lizards)
Xantusia bolsonae (Bolson Night Lizard)
Family Xenosauridae (Knob-scaled Lizards)
Genus Xenosaurus (Knob-scaled Lizards)
Xenosaurus phalaroanthereon (Chin-spotted Knob-scaled Lizard)

Snakes (Serpentes)

Family Anomalepididae (Neotropical Blind Snakes)
Genus Anomalepis (Odd-scaled Blind Snakes)
Anomalepis aspinosus (Cajamarca Blind Snake)
Anomalepis colombia (Caldas Blind Snake)
Anomalepis flavapices (Esmeraldas Blind Snake)
Anomalepis mexicanus (Lower Central American Blind Snake)
Genus Helminthophis (Northwestern Blind Snakes)
Helminthophis frontalis (Pink-headed Blind Snake)
Helminthophis praeocularis (Rio Magdalena Blind Snake)
Genus Liotyphlops (Smooth Blind Snakes)
Liotyphlops anops (Bogota Blind Snake)
Liotyphlops argaleus (Cundinamarca Blind Snake)
Liotyphlops haadi (Southern Colombian Blind Snake)
Liotyphlops schubarti (Sao Paulo Blind Snake)
Liotyphlops trefauti (Alagoas Blind Snake)
Family Anomochilidae (Dwarf Pipe Snakes)
Genus Anomochilus (Dwarf Pipe Snakes)
Anomochilus monticola (Kinabalu Dwarf Pipe Snake)
Anomochilus weberi (Sumatran Dwarf Pipe Snake)
Family Boidae (Typical Boas)
Genus Eunectes (Anacondas)
Eunectes deschauenseei (Dark-spotted Anaconda)
Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes)
Genus Adelophis (Mountain Meadow Snakes)
Adelophis foxi (Durango Mountain Meadow Snake)
Genus Adelphicos (Central American Burrowing Snakes)
Adelphicos latifasciatum (Oaxacan Burrowing Snake)
Genus Aeluroglena (Somali Hooded Snake)
Aeluroglena cucullata (Somali Hooded Snake)
Genus Amnesteophis (Bahia Black-naped Snake)
Amnesteophis melanauchen (Bahia Black-naped Snake)
Genus Anoplohydrus (Sumatran Keelback)
Anoplohydrus aemulans (Sumatran Keelback)
Genus Apostolepis (Black-tailed Blackheads)
Apostolepis ambiniger (Paraguayan Blackhead)
Apostolepis cerradoensis (Cerrado Blackhead)
Apostolepis christineae (Sierra das Araras Blackhead)
Apostolepis dorbignyi (Western Blackhead)
Apostolepis lineata (Hognosed Lined Blackhead)
Apostolepis niceforoi (Colombian Blackhead)
Apostolepis tenuis (Bolivian Blackhead)
Genus Arcanumophis (Puno Smooth Snake)
Arcanumophis problematicus (Puno Smooth Snake)
Genus Arrhyton (Cuban Ground Snakes)
Arrhyton ainictum (Las Tunas Ground Snake)
Arrhyton procerum (Zapata Long-tailed Ground Snake)
Arrhyton supernum (Oriente Black Ground Snake)
Genus Aspidura (Roughsides)
Aspidura copei (Speckle-bellied Roughside)
Genus Atractus (Spindle Snakes)
Atractus acheronius (Rio Negro Spindle Snake)
Atractus apophis (Huila Spindle Snake)
Atractus atratus (Dark-bellied Spindle Snake)
Atractus avernus (Caqueta Spindle Snake)
Atractus ayeush (Lara-Falcon Spindle Snake)
Atractus biseriatus (Two-lined Spindle Snake)
Atractus bocki (Cochabamba Spindle Snake)
Atractus boulengerii (Common Colombian Spindle Snake)
Atractus charitoae (Vaupes Spindle Snake)
Atractus chthonius (Finca Meremburg Spindle Snake)
Atractus darienensis (Darien Spindle Snake)
Atractus depressiocellus (Small-eyed Spindle Snake)
Atractus echidna (Narino Spindle Snake)
Atractus ecuadorensis (Ecuadorian Spindle Snake)
Atractus edioi (Minacu Spindle Snake)
Atractus eriki (Escuque Spindle Snake)
Atractus favae (Surinam Spindle Snake)
Atractus franciscopaivai (La Pedrera Spindle Snake)
Atractus fuliginosus (Sooty Spindle Snake)
Atractus heliobelluomini (La Chorrera Spindle Snake)
Atractus hostilitractus (Morti River Spindle Snake)
Atractus imperfectus (Piedras-Pacora Spindle Snake)
Atractus indistinctus (Ocana Spindle Snake)
Atractus insipidus (Uraricapara River Spindle Snake)
Atractus lehmanni (Azuay Spindle Snake)
Atractus loveridgei (Jerico Spindle Snake)
Atractus macondo (Macondo Spindle Snake)
Atractus medusa (Medusa Spindle Snake)
Atractus melanogaster (Tolima Black-bellied Spindle Snake)
Atractus mijaresi (Mucuruba Spindle Snake)
Atractus nasutus (Sharp-nosed Spindle Snake)
Atractus nigriventris (Santander Black-bellied Spindle Snake)
Atractus obesus (Fat Spindle Snake)
Atractus obtusirostris (Big-nosed Spindle Snake)
Atractus ochrosetrus (Ochre-bellied Spindle Snake)
Atractus oculotemporalis (Antioquia Spindle Snake)
Atractus pauciscutatus (Small-scaled Spindle Snake)
Atractus peruvianus (Peruvian Spindle Snake)
Atractus resplendens (Resplendent Spindle Snake)
Atractus sanguineus (Blood Spindle Snake)
Atractus tamaensis (Tama Spindle Snake)
Atractus touzeti (Guacamayos Spindle Snake)
Atractus trivittatus (Colombian Three-lined Spindle Snake)
Atractus typhon (Typhon Spindle Snake)
Atractus variegatus (Variegated Spindle Snake)
Atractus vertebralis (Puno Spindle Snake)
Atractus vertebrolineatus (Midline Spindle Snake)
Genus Baliodryas (Santa Cruz Smooth Snake)
Baliodryas steinbachi (Santa Cruz Smooth Snake)
Genus Blythia (Asian Iridescent Snakes)
Blythia reticulata (Assam Iridescent Snake)
Genus Boiga (Australasian Cat Snakes)
Boiga beddomei (Yellow-bellied Cat Snake)
Boiga bengkuluensis (Bengkulu Cat Snake)
Boiga dightoni (Travancore Cat Snake)
Boiga multifasciata (Many-banded Cat Snake)
Boiga wallachi (Nicobar Cat Snake)
Genus Calamaria (Oriental Reed Snakes)
Calamaria abramovi (Mang Xang Reed Snake)
Calamaria abstrusa (Padang Reed Snake)
Calamaria alidae (Bengkulu Reed Snake)
Calamaria battersbyi (Eight-lined Reed Snake)
Calamaria boesemani (Pinapuan Reed Snake)
Calamaria buchi (Dalat Reed Snake)
Calamaria concolor (Bach Ma Reed Snake)
Calamaria crassa (Thick Reed Snake)
Calamaria doederleini (Langkat Reed Snake)
Calamaria eiselti (West Sumatran Snake)
Calamaria forcarti (Deli Reed Snake)
Calamaria gialaiensis (Gia Lai Reed Snake)
Calamaria gracillima (Slender Reed Snake)
Calamaria javanica (Javanese Reed Snake)
Calamaria joloensis (Jolo Reed Snake)
Calamaria lateralis (White-striped Reed Snake)
Calamaria lautensis (Cocos Island Reed Snake)
Calamaria lumholtzii (Kalimantan Red-headed Reed Snake)
Calamaria margaritophora (Stripe-necked Reed Snake)
Calamaria mecheli (Riau Lowland Reed Snake)
Calamaria palavanensis (Palawan Reed Snake)
Calamaria rebentischi (Sinkawang Reed Snake)
Calamaria sangi (Mang Kanh Reed Snake)
Calamaria thanhi (Quang Binh Reed Snake)
Calamaria ulmeri (North Sumatra Reed Snake)
Genus Cercophis (Atlantic Forest Liana Snake)
Cercophis auratus (Atlantic Forest Liana Snake)
Genus Chironius (Sipos)
Chironius flavopictus (Yellow-spotted Sipo)
Genus Chlorosoma (Green Bush Racers)
Chlorosoma laticeps (Bolivian Green Bush Racer)
Genus Clelia (Northern Snake Eaters)
Clelia hussami (Parana Snake Eater)
Genus Coelognathus (Oriental Rat Snakes)
Coelognathus enganensis (Enggano Rat Snake)
Genus Colubroelaps (Lam Dong Snake)
Colubroelaps nguyenvansangi (Lam Dong Snake)
Genus Coniophanes (Black-striped Snakes)
Coniophanes alvarezi (Chiapan Stripeless Snake)
Coniophanes joanae (Panamanian Black-striped Snake)
Coniophanes lateritius (West Mexican Stripeless Snake)
Coniophanes melanocephalus (Black-headed Stripeless Snake)
Genus Conophis (Road Guarders)
Conophis morai (Veracruz Road Guarder)
Genus Cryophis (Cloud Forest Snake)
Cryophis hallbergi (Cloud Forest Snake)
Genus Dendrelaphis (Bronzebacks)
Dendrelaphis chairecacos (Karnataka Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis hollinrakei (Hong Kong Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis papuensis (Eastern Papuan Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis underwoodi (Javanese Bronzeback)
Genus Diaphorolepis (Frog Eaters)
Diaphorolepis laevis (Colombian Frog Eater)
Genus Dipsas (Neotropical Snail Eaters)
Dipsas baliomelas (Macarena Mountains Snail Eater)
Dipsas incerta (South American Banded Snail Eater)
Dipsas maxillaris (Tabasco Snail Eater)
Dipsas schunkii (Chanchamayo Snail Eater)
Dipsas vaga (Huancabamba Snail Eater)
Genus Eirenis (Middle Eastern Dwarf Snakes)
Eirenis rechingeri (Schiras Dwarf Snake)
Eirenis thospitis (Kurdish Dwarf Snake)
Genus Emmochliophis (Pichincha Snake and Paramba Fishing Snake)
Emmochliophis fugleri (Pichincha Snake)
Genus Enulius (Middle American Long-tailed Snakes)
Enulius oligostichus (Mexican Long-tailed Snake)
Genus Erythrolamprus (Neotropical Smooth Snakes)
Erythrolamprus andinus (Andean Smooth Snake)
Erythrolamprus pyburni (Colombian Forest Snake)
Erythrolamprus subocularis (Paramba Smooth Snake)
Erythrolamprus vitti (Maldonado Smooth Snake)
Genus Etheridgeum (Sumatran Burrowing Snake)
Etheridgeum pulchrum (Sumatran Burrowing Snake)
Genus Ficimia (Eastern Hook-nosed Snakes)
Ficimia ramirezi (Oaxacan Hook-nosed Snake)
Ficimia ruspator (Guerreran Hook-nosed Snake)
Ficimia variegata (Tehuantepec Hook-nosed Snake)
Genus Geagras (Tehuantepec Striped Snake)
Geagras redimitus (Tehuantepec Striped Snake)
Genus Geophis (Central American Earth Snakes)
Geophis bellus (Altos de Pacora Earth Snake)
Geophis betaniensis (Betania Earth Snake)
Geophis bicolor (Mexican Plateau Earth Snake)
Geophis blanchardi (Acultzingo Earth Snake)
Geophis chalybeus (Veracruz Earth Snake)
Geophis championi (Panamanian Earth Snake)
Geophis downsi (Puntarenas Earth Snake)
Geophis dunni (Nicaraguan Earth Snake)
Geophis incomptus (Sierra Coalcoman Earth Snake)
Geophis isthmicus (Isthmian Earth Snake)
Geophis juarezi (Metates Earth Snake)
Geophis laticollaris (Wide-collared Earth Snake)
Geophis latifrontalis (San Luis Potosi Earth Snake)
Geophis maculiferus (Michoacan Earth Snake)
Geophis nigrocinctus (Black-banded Earth Snake)
Geophis petersii (Mexican Mountain Earth Snake)
Geophis pyburni (Coalcoman Earth Snake)
Geophis russatus (Red Earth Snake)
Geophis sallaei (Oaxacan Earth Snake)
Geophis sieboldi (West Mexican Earth Snake)
Geophis tarascae (Tarascan Earth Snake)
Genus Hebius (Oriental Equatorial Keelbacks)
Hebius andreae (Quang Binh Keelback)
Hebius annamensis (Annam Keelback)
Hebius arquus (Arch-lipped Keelback)
Hebius atemporalis (Tonkin Keelback)
Hebius chapaensis (Chapa Flat-nosed Snake)
Hebius frenatus (Bridled Keelback)
Hebius groundwateri (Ranong Keelback)
Hebius kerinciensis (Kerinchi Keelback)
Genus Herpetoreas (Himalayan Mountain Keelbacks)
Herpetoreas sieboldii (Sikkim Keelback)
Genus Hydrablabes (Bornean Water Snakes)
Hydrablabes praefrontalis (Kinabalu Water Snake)
Genus Hydromorphus (Central American Water Snakes)
Hydromorphus dunni (Panamanian Water Snake)
Genus Hypsiglena (North American Night Snakes)
Hypsiglena tanzeri (Rio Verde Night Snake)
Genus Iguanognathus (Iguana-jawed Snake)
Iguanognathus werneri (Iguana-jawed Snake)
Genus Imantodes (American Blunt-headed Tree Snakes)
Imantodes phantasma (Panamanian Blunt-headed Tree Snake)
Genus Isanophis (Isan Keeled Stream Snake)
Isanophis boonsongi (Isan Keeled Stream Snake)
Genus Lampropeltis (King Snakes and Milk Snakes)
Lampropeltis catalinensis (Santa Catalina Island Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis webbi (Sinaloan Mountain King Snake)
Genus Leptophis (Neotropical Parrot Snakes)
Leptophis haileyi (Tobago Parrot Snake)
Genus Lioheterophis (Paraiba Black-naped Snake)
Lioheterophis iheringi (Paraiba Black-naped Snake)
Genus Liopeltis (Ringneck Snakes)
Liopeltis rappii (Himalayan Ringneck Snake)
Genus Lycodon (Oriental Wolf Snakes)
Lycodon cardamomensis (Cardamom Mountains Wolf Snake)
Lycodon fausti (Panay Wolf Snake)
Lycodon ferroni (Samar Wolf Snake)
Lycodon gongshan (Gaoligong Mountains Wolf Snake)
Lycodon gracilis (Slender Bridle Snake)
Lycodon kundui (Burmese Wolf Snake)
Lycodon multizonatus (Luding Wolf Snake)
Lycodon rosozonatus (Rosy-banded Big-toothed Snake)
Lycodon solivagus (Pale-banded Wolf Snake)
Lycodon synaptor (Dongchuan Wolf Snake)
Lycodon tessellatus (Manila Wolf Snake)
Genus Lytorhynchus (Awl-headed Snakes)
Lytorhynchus gasperetti (Arabian Awl-headed Snake)
Genus Macroprotodon (False Smooth Snakes)
Macroprotodon abubakeri (Oran False Smooth Snake)
Genus Masticophis (North American Whip Snakes and Coachwhips)
Masticophis barbouri (Espiritu Santo Striped Whip Snake)
Genus Meizodon (African Smooth Snakes)
Meizodon krameri (Tana Delta Smooth Snake)
Genus Muhtarophis (Turkish Black-headed Snake)
Muhtarophis barani (Turkish Black-headed Snake)
Genus Ninia (Coffee Snakes)
Ninia franciscoi (Arima Coffee Snake)
Genus Oligodon (Kukri Snakes)
Oligodon annamensis (Annam Kukri Snake)
Oligodon calamarius (Reed-like Kukri Snake)
Oligodon erythrorhachis (Red-striped Kukri Snake)
Oligodon hamptoni (Sagaing Kukri Snake)
Oligodon jintakunei (Krabi Kukri Snake)
Oligodon macrurus (Long-tailed Kukri Snake)
Oligodon moricei (Khanh Hoa Kukri Snake)
Oligodon nikhili (Kodaikanal Kukri Snake)
Oligodon petronellae (Sumatra Ornate Kukri Snake)
Oligodon praefrontalis (Weh Island Kukri Snake)
Oligodon saintgironsi (Dong Nai Blotched Kukri Snake)
Oligodon torquatus (Garlanded Kukri Snake)
Oligodon travancoricus (Travancore Kukri Snake)
Oligodon vertebralis (Dark-spined Kukri Snake)
Genus Opisthotropis (Mountain Stream Keelbacks)
Opisthotropis cucae (Kon Tum Mountain Stream Keelback)
Opisthotropis jacobi (Chapa Mountain Stream Keelback)
Opisthotropis maculosa (Yellow-spotted Mountain Stream Keelback)
Opisthotropis maxwelli (Fujian Mountain Stream Keelback)
Opisthotropis spenceri (Lampang Mountain Stream Keelback)
Opisthotropis tamdaoensis (Tam Dao Mountain Stream Keelback)
Genus Pantherophis (North American Rat Snakes)
Pantherophis slowinskii (Kisatchie Corn Snake)
Genus Phalotris (South American Collared Snakes)
Phalotris concolor (Plain Collared Snake)
Genus Plagiopholis (Blotch-necked Snakes)
Plagiopholis delacouri (Laotian Blotch-necked Snake)
Genus Platyceps (Flat-headed Whip Snakes)
Platyceps bholanathi (Nagarjunasagar Whip Snake)
Platyceps gracilis (Indian Slender Whip Snake)
Platyceps insulanus (Farasan Whip Snake)
Genus Plesiodipsas (Sierra de Perijá Snail Eater)
Plesiodipsas perijanensis (Sierra de Perija Snail Eater)
Genus Pseudorabdion (Dwarf Reed Snakes)
Pseudorabdion taylori (Mindanao Dwarf Reed Snake)
Genus Pseudoxenodon (Mock Cobras)
Pseudoxenodon baramensis (Baram Mock Cobra)
Pseudoxenodon jacobsonii (Sumatran Mock Cobra)
Genus Ptyas (Giant Rat Snakes and Oriental Green Snakes)
Ptyas dipsas (Sulawesi Black Rat Snake)
Genus Rhabdophis (Asian Keelbacks)
Rhabdophis angeli (Tam Dao Keelback)
Rhabdophis barbouri (Luzon Keelback)
Rhabdophis callichroma (Bavi Keelback)
Rhabdophis chrysargoides (Javanese Keelback)
Genus Rhadinaea (Graceful Brown Snakes)
Rhadinaea bogertorum (Oaxacan Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea cuneata (Veracruz Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea forbesi (Jalapa Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea gaigeae (San Luis Potosi Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea macdougalli (Buena Vista Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea myersi (Sierra Madre del Sur Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea omiltemana (Guerreran Pine Woods Snake)
Rhadinaea pulveriventris (Black-naped Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea quinquelineata (Pueblan Graceful Brown Snake)
Genus Rhadinella (Dwarf Brown Snakes)
Rhadinella hannsteini (Spot-lipped Dwarf Brown Snake)
Rhadinella kanalchutchan (Kanalchutchan Dwarf Brown Snake)
Genus Rhadinophanes (Graceful Mountain Snake)
Rhadinophanes monticola (Graceful Mountain Snake)
Genus Rhinocheilus (Long-nosed Snakes)
Rhinocheilus etheridgei (Cerralvo Island Long-nosed Snake)
Genus Rhynchocalamus (Middle East Black-headed Snakes)
Rhynchocalamus arabicus (South Arabian Black-headed Snake)
Genus Saphenophis (Andean Smooth Ground Snakes)
Saphenophis antioquiensis (Antioquia Smooth Ground Snake)
Saphenophis atahuallpae (Atahualpa Smooth Ground Snake)
Saphenophis tristriatus (Three-striped Smooth Ground Snake)
Genus Sibon (Neotropical Snail Eaters)
Sibon dunni (Imbabura Snail Eater)
Sibon linearis (Lined Snail Eater)
Sibon perissostichon (Fine-scaled Snail Eater)
Genus Sibynophis (Oriental Black-headed Snakes)
Sibynophis bistrigatus (Pegu Black-headed Snake)
Genus Spalerosophis (Diadem Snakes)
Spalerosophis dolichospilus (Mograbin Diadem Snake)
Genus Stegonotus (Indo-Australian Ground Snakes)
Stegonotus florensis (Flores Ground Snake)
Stegonotus guentheri (Milne Bay Ground Snake)
Genus Stichophanes (Ningshaan Lined Snake)
Stichophanes ningshaanensis (Ningshaan Lined Snake)
Genus Synophis (Andean Shadow Snakes)
Synophis calamitus (Pichincha Shadow Snake)
Synophis lasallei (Cundinamarca Shadow Snake)
Genus Tachymenis (South American Scrub Snakes)
Tachymenis attenuata (Madre de Dios Scrub Snake)
Tachymenis tarmensis (Tarma Scrub Snake)
Genus Tantilla (American Centipede Snakes)
Tantilla albiceps (Panamanian Centipede Snake)
Tantilla andinista (Andean Centipede Snake)
Tantilla bairdi (Alta Verapaz Centipede Snake)
Tantilla briggsi (Tehuantepec Centipede Snake)
Tantilla cascadae (Michoacan Centipede Snake)
Tantilla hendersoni (Belizean Centipede Snake)
Tantilla johnsoni (Chiapan Centipede Snake)
Tantilla miyatai (Pichincha Centipede Snake)
Tantilla nigra (Black Centipede Snake)
Tantilla oaxacae (Oaxacan Centipede Snake)
Tantilla robusta (Robust Centipede Snake)
Tantilla sertula (Balsas Centipede Snake)
Tantilla slavensi (Veracruz Centipede Snake)
Tantilla striata (Striped Centipede Snake)
Tantilla tayrae (Volcan Tacana Centipede Snake)
Tantilla tecta (White-striped Centipede Snake)
Tantilla triseriata (Mexican Three-striped Centipede Snake)
Genus Telescopus (Cat Snakes and Tiger Snakes)
Telescopus pulcher (Somali Cat Snake)
Telescopus rhinopoma (Persian Cat Snake)
Genus Thamnodynastes (South American Mock Vipers)
Thamnodynastes ceibae (La Ceiba Mock Viper)
Genus Thamnophis (North American Garter Snakes and Ribbon Snakes)
Thamnophis nigronuchalis (Durango Narrow-headed Garter Snake)
Thamnophis rossmani (Nayarit Garter Snake)
Genus Tretanorhinus (Neotropical Swamp Snakes)
Tretanorhinus mocquardi (Panama Swamp Snake)
Genus Trimetopon (Central American Dwarf Snakes)
Trimetopon barbouri (Panamanian Dwarf Snake)
Genus Tropidodipsas (Northern Snail Eaters)
Tropidodipsas repleta (Sonoran Snail Eater)
Genus Tropidonophis (Indo-Australian Keelbacks)
Tropidonophis dolasii (d'Entrecasteaux Islands Keelback)
Tropidonophis elongatus (Moluccan Keelback)
Tropidonophis punctiventris (Spot-bellied Keelback)
Genus Urotheca (Glass-tailed Snakes)
Urotheca dumerilii (Colombian Glass-tailed Snake)
Urotheca myersi (Costa Rican Glass-tailed Snake)
Genus Xenochrophis (Oriental Painted Keelbacks)
Xenochrophis bellulus (Burmese Lowland Keelback)
Genus Zamenis (Western Palearctic Rat Snakes)
Zamenis lineatus (South Italian Aesculapian Snake)
Zamenis persicus (Persian Rat Snake)
Family Cylindrophiidae (Asian Pipe Snakes)
Genus Cylindrophis (Oriental Pipe Snakes)
Cylindrophis aruensis (Damar Pipe Snake)
Cylindrophis engkariensis (Engkari Pipe Snake)
Cylindrophis lineatus (Lined Pipe Snake)
Family Elapidae_1 (Cobras, Mambas, etc.)
Genus Antaioserpens (Robust Burrowing Snakes)
Antaioserpens warro (Warrego Burrowing Snake)
Genus Calliophis (South Asian Coral Snakes)
Calliophis beddomei (South Indian Coral Snake)
Calliophis gracilis (Graceful Coral Snake)
Genus Denisonia (Mud Adder and Ornamental Snake)
Denisonia maculata (Ornamental Snake)
Genus Furina (Australian Naped Snakes)
Furina dunmalli (Patternless Brown Snake)
Genus Leptomicrurus (Black-backed Coral Snakes)
Leptomicrurus renjifoi (Ringed Black-backed Coral Snake)
Genus Micrurus (American Coral Snakes)
Micrurus bogerti (Coastal Coral Snake)
Micrurus camilae (Cordoba Coral Snake)
Micrurus nebularis (Cloud Forest Coral Snake)
Micrurus oligoanellatus (Tambo Coral Snake)
Micrurus pachecogili (Zapotitlan Coral Snake)
Micrurus petersi (Mountain Coral Snake)
Genus Naja (Typical Cobras)
Naja oxiana (Central Asian Cobra)
Genus Parapistocalamus (Bougainville Coral Snake)
Parapistocalamus hedigeri (Bougainville Coral Snake)
Genus Pseudechis (Australian Black Snakes and King Brown Snakes)
Pseudechis papuanus (Papuan Black Snake)
Genus Pseudonaja (Australian Brown Snakes)
Pseudonaja nuchalis (Northern Brown Snake)
Genus Toxicocalamus (Papuan Worm-eating Snakes)
Toxicocalamus grandis (Setekwa River Worm-eating Snake)
Toxicocalamus misimae (Misima Worm-eating Snake)
Toxicocalamus pachysomus (Milne Bay Worm-eating Snake)
Toxicocalamus spilolepidotus (Spotted Worm-eating Snake)
Family Elapidae_2 (Sea Snakes)
Genus Aipysurus (Olive Sea Snakes)
Aipysurus tenuis (Brown-lined Sea Snake)
Genus Hydrophis (Typical Sea Snakes)
Hydrophis belcheri (Western Faint-banded Sea Snake)
Hydrophis bituberculatus (Bitubercled Sea Snake)
Hydrophis czeblukovi (Fine-spined Sea Snake)
Hydrophis inornatus (Plain Sea Snake)
Hydrophis klossi (Selangor Sea Snake)
Hydrophis laboutei (New Caledonian Sea Snake)
Hydrophis mamillaris (Bombay Gulf Sea Snake)
Hydrophis melanocephalus (Black-headed Slender-necked Sea Snake)
Hydrophis melanosoma (Black-banded Robust Sea Snake)
Hydrophis nigrocinctus (Black-banded Sea Snake)
Hydrophis pachycercos (Broad-headed Sea Snake)
Hydrophis parviceps (Short-headed Sea Snake)
Hydrophis sibauensis (Kapuas Sea Snake)
Hydrophis stricticollis (Bengal Sea Snake)
Hydrophis torquatus (Grey Sea Snake)
Hydrophis vorisi (Southern Estuarine Sea Snake)
Hydrophis zweifeli (Sepik Beaked Sea Snake)
Genus Kolpophis (Granular Sea Snake)
Kolpophis annandalei (Granular Sea Snake)
Genus Microcephalophis (Small-headed Sea Snakes)
Microcephalophis cantoris (Spotted Small-headed Sea Snake)
Genus Parahydrophis (Arafura Smooth Sea Snake)
Parahydrophis mertoni (Arafura Smooth Sea Snake)
Genus Thalassophis (Scale-snouted Sea Snake)
Thalassophis anomalus (Scale-snouted Sea Snake)
Family Gerrhopilidae (Indo-Malayan Blind Snakes)
Genus Gerrhopilus (Indo-Malayan Blind Snakes)
Gerrhopilus beddomii (Anaimalai Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus bisubocularis (Javanese Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus floweri (Thai Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus fredparkeri (Korobosea Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus hades (Bibikea Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus hedraeus (Negros Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus manilae (Manila Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus mcdowelli (Southern Papuan Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus oligolepis (Nagri Valley Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus thurstoni (South Indian Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus tindalli (Malabar Blind Snake)
Family Homalopsidae (Australasian Mud Snakes)
Genus Brachyorrhos (Moluccan Short-tailed Snakes)
Brachyorrhos albus (Seram Short-tailed Snake)
Genus Calamophis (Doberai Stout-tailed Snakes)
Calamophis jobiensis (Yapen Stout-tailed Snake)
Genus Djokoiskandarus (Trans-Fly Mangrove Snake)
Djokoiskandarus annulatus (Trans-Fly Mangrove Snake)
Genus Enhydris (Asian Mud Snakes)
Enhydris chanardi (Thai Mud Snake)
Enhydris innominata (Tay Ninh Mud Snake)
Enhydris jagorii (Bangkok Mud Snake)
Genus Gyiophis (Burmese Mud Snakes)
Gyiophis maculosa (Brown-spotted Mud Snake)
Genus Heurnia (Mamberamo River Water Snake)
Heurnia ventromaculata (Mamberamo River Water Snake)
Genus Homalophis (Bornean Mud Snakes)
Homalophis gyii (Kapuas Mud Snake)
Genus Hypsiscopus (Orange-bellied Mud Snake and Matanna Mud Snake)
Hypsiscopus matannensis (Matanna Mud Snake)
Genus Kualatahan (Pahang Mud Snake)
Kualatahan pahangensis (Pahang Mud Snake)
Genus Miralia (Greater Sunda Mud Snake)
Miralia alternans (Greater Sunda Mud Snake)
Genus Myrrophis (Indochinese Mud Snakes)
Myrrophis bennetti (Mangrove Mud Snake)
Genus Phytolopsis (Blackwater Mud Snake)
Phytolopsis punctata (Blackwater Mud Snake)
Genus Raclitia (Selangor Mud Snake)
Raclitia indica (Selangor Mud Snake)
Genus Sumatranus (White-spotted Mud Snake)
Sumatranus albomaculatus (White-spotted Mud Snake)
Family Lamprophiidae (House Snakes, etc.)
Genus Amblyodipsas (Purple-glossed Snakes and Quill-snouted Snakes)
Amblyodipsas michelli (Katanga Quill-snouted Snake)
Amblyodipsas rodhaini (Congolese Purple-glossed Snake)
Amblyodipsas teitana (Taita Hills Purple-glossed Snake)
Genus Aparallactus (African Centipede Eaters)
Aparallactus nigriceps (Mozambique Centipede Eater)
Genus Atractaspis (Stiletto Snakes)
Atractaspis reticulata (Reticulate Stiletto Snake)
Genus Ithycyphus (Madagascar Night Snakes)
Ithycyphus blanci (Marojezy Night Snake)
Genus Liophidium (Madagascar Smooth Snakes)
Liophidium apperti (Befandriana Smooth Snake)
Liophidium maintikibo (Madagascar Black-bellied Smooth Snake)
Liophidium trilineatum (Three-lined Smooth Snake)
Genus Lycophidion (African Wolf Snakes)
Lycophidion hellmichi (Kaokoveld Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion pembanum (Pemba Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion semiannule (East African Wolf Snake)
Genus Mehelya (Greater File Snakes)
Mehelya egbensis (Egbe File Snake)
Mehelya gabouensis (Gabou File Snake)
Genus Montaspis (Cream-spotted Mountain Snake)
Montaspis gilvomaculata (Cream-spotted Mountain Snake)
Genus Myersophis (Luzon Alpine Snake)
Myersophis alpestris (Luzon Alpine Snake)
Genus Phisalixella (Madagascar Banded Tree Snakes)
Phisalixella iarakaensis (Iaraka Banded Tree Snake)
Family Leptotyphlopidae (Thread Snakes)
Genus Epacrophis (Thorn-tailed Thread Snakes)
Epacrophis boulengeri (Lamu Thread Snake)
Epacrophis drewesi (Isiolo Thread Snake)
Genus Epictia (Neotropical Thread Snakes)
Epictia alfredschmidti (Huarmey Thread Snake)
Epictia melanura (Black-tailed Thread Snake)
Epictia peruviana (Peruvian Thread Snake)
Epictia rubrolineata (Red-striped Thread Snake)
Epictia rufidorsa (Red-backed Thread Snake)
Epictia teaguei (Chotano River Thread Snake)
Epictia undecimstriata (Eleven-striped Thread Snake)
Genus Leptotyphlops (Typical Thread Snakes)
Leptotyphlops howelli (Mchungu Forest Thread Snake)
Leptotyphlops keniensis (Mount Kenya Thread Snake)
Leptotyphlops mbanjensis (Mbanja Thread Snake)
Leptotyphlops pungwensis (Pungwe Thread Snake)
Genus Myriopholis (Many-scaled Thread Snakes)
Myriopholis burii (Arabian Thread Snake)
Myriopholis filiformis (Socotra Slender Thread Snake)
Myriopholis macrura (Socotra Long-tailed Thread Snake)
Myriopholis natatrix (Gambian Thread Snake)
Myriopholis parkeri (Ethiopian Many-scaled Thread Snake)
Myriopholis wilsoni (Round-snouted Socotra Thread Snake)
Myriopholis yemenica (Yemen Thread Snake)
Genus Rena (Maroon Thread Snakes)
Rena bressoni (Michoacan Thread Snake)
Genus Tricheilostoma (West African Thread Snakes)
Tricheilostoma broadleyi (Lamto Thread Snake)
Tricheilostoma greenwelli (Ibadan Thread Snake)
Genus Trilepida (Three-scaled Thread Snakes)
Trilepida affinis (Venezuela Thread Snake)
Trilepida brevissima (Caqueta Thread Snake)
Trilepida guayaquilensis (Guayaquil Thread Snake)
Trilepida nicefori (Santander Thread Snake)
Family Pareidae (Oriental Slug Eaters)
Genus Pareas (Typical Oriental Slug Eaters)
Pareas nigriceps (Black-headed Slug Eater)
Pareas stanleyi (Fujian Slug Eater)
Genus Xylophis (Narrow-headed Snakes)
Xylophis stenorhynchus (Striped Narrow-headed Snake)
Family Pythonidae (Pythons)
Genus Bothrochilus (Bismarck Ringed Python and White-lipped Pythons)
Bothrochilus huonensis (Huon White-lipped Python)
Bothrochilus montanus (Wau White-lipped Python)
Genus Simalia (Scrub Pythons)
Simalia boeleni (Black Python)
Family Tropidophiidae (Dwarf Boas)
Genus Tropidophis (Typical Dwarf Boas)
Tropidophis battersbyi (Ecuadorian Dwarf Boa)
Tropidophis preciosus (Minas Gerais Dwarf Boa)
Family Typhlopidae (Typical Blind Snakes)
Genus Afrotyphlops (African Giant Blind Snakes)
Afrotyphlops blanfordi (Senafe Blind Snake)
Afrotyphlops kaimosae (Kakamega Blind Snake)
Afrotyphlops manni (Harbel Blind Snake)
Afrotyphlops nanus (Kenyan Dwarf Blind Snake)
Afrotyphlops platyrhynchus (Tanga Blind Snake)
Afrotyphlops rondoensis (Rondo Blind Snake)
Genus Amerotyphlops (American Blind Snakes)
Amerotyphlops lehneri (Falcon Blind Snake)
Genus Anilios (Australian Blind Snakes)
Anilios batillus (Shovel-snouted Blind Snake)
Anilios howi (Kimberley Deep-soil Blind Snake)
Anilios longissimus (Barrow Island Blind Snake)
Anilios micromma (Small-eyed Blind Snake)
Anilios robertsi (Romeo Creek Blind Snake)
Anilios splendidus (Milyering Well Blind Snake)
Anilios yampiensis (Yampi Blind Snake)
Anilios zonula (West Kimberley Blindsnake)
Genus Antillotyphlops (Eastern Antillean Blind Snakes)
Antillotyphlops annae (Saint Barts Blind Snake)
Antillotyphlops catapontus (Anegada Blind Snake)
Genus Argyrophis (Southeast Asian Blind Snakes)
Argyrophis bothriorhynchus (Assam Blind Snake)
Argyrophis giadinhensis (Gia Dinh Blind Snake)
Argyrophis hypsobothrius (Pit-snouted Blind Snake)
Argyrophis klemmeri (Kuala Lumpur Blind Snake)
Argyrophis koshunensis (Koshun Blind Snake)
Argyrophis oatesi (Cocos Islands Blind Snake)
Argyrophis roxaneae (Bangkok Blind Snake)
Argyrophis siamensis (Siamese Blind Snake)
Argyrophis trangensis (Trang Blind Snake)
Genus Cubatyphlops (Cuban Blind Snakes)
Cubatyphlops anchaurus (Maisi Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops anousius (Cuban Pallid Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops arator (Cuban Giant Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops contorhinus (Cuban Short-nosed Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops golyathi (Goliath Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops notorachius (Imias Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops paradoxus (Inagua Blind Snake)
Cubatyphlops satelles (Cienfuegos Blind Snake)
Genus Indotyphlops (South Asian Blind Snakes)
Indotyphlops exiguus (Belgaum Blind Snake)
Indotyphlops filiformis ((no common name))
Indotyphlops meszoelyi (Darjeeling Blind Snake)
Indotyphlops mollyozakiae (Sakaerat Blind Snake)
Indotyphlops tenuicollis (Slender-necked Blind Snake)
Genus Letheobia (African Gracile Blind Snakes)
Letheobia episcopa (Turkish Gracile Blind Snake)
Letheobia erythraea (Eritrean Gracile Blind Snake)
Letheobia leucosticta (White-spotted Gracile Blind Snake)
Letheobia pallida (Pallid Gracile Blind Snake)
Letheobia pembana (Pemba Gracile Blind Snake)
Letheobia stejnegeri (Kasai Blind Snake)
Genus Madatyphlops (Malagasy Blind Snakes)
Madatyphlops andasibensis (Andasibe Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops comorensis (Comoro Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops domerguei (Ranomafana Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops madagascariensis (Nosy Be Black Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops microcephalus (Madagascar Small-headed Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops mucronatus (North Madagascar Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops ocularis (Antongil Bay Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops rajeryi (Southeast Madagascar Blind Snake)
Madatyphlops reuteri (Nosy Be Grey-Blue Blind Snake)
Genus Malayotyphlops (Malay Archipelago Blind Snakes)
Malayotyphlops canlaonensis (Canlaon Volcano Blind Snake)
Malayotyphlops collaris (Collared Blind Snake)
Malayotyphlops hypogius (Cebu Blind Snake)
Malayotyphlops koekkoeki (Bunyu Island Blind Snake)
Malayotyphlops luzonensis (Luzon Blind Snake)
Malayotyphlops ruficaudus (Red-tailed Blind Snake)
Genus Ramphotyphlops (Western Pacific Blind Snakes)
Ramphotyphlops angusticeps (Arboreal Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops becki (Guadalcanal Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops conradi (Sulawesi Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops cumingii (Cumming's Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops lorenzi (Miang Island Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops mansuetus (Solomon Islands Small-headed Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops marxi (Northwest Samar Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops similis (Twenty-rowed Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops supranasalis (Salawati Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops willeyi (Loyalty Islands Blind Snake)
Genus Xerotyphlops (Desert Blind Snakes)
Xerotyphlops etheridgei (Mauritanian Blind Snake)
Xerotyphlops socotranus (Socotra Blind Snake)
Xerotyphlops wilsoni (Persian Blind Snake)
Family Uropeltidae (Shield-tailed Snakes)
Genus Platyplectrurus (Madurai Shieldtail and Three-lined Shieldtail)
Platyplectrurus trilineatus (Three-lined Shieldtail)
Genus Plectrurus (South Indian Shieldtails)
Plectrurus aureus (Golden Shieldtail)
Plectrurus guentheri (Purple Shieldtail)
Genus Pseudoplectrurus (Kanara Shieldtail)
Pseudoplectrurus canaricus (Kanara Shieldtail)
Genus Rhinophis (Sharp-nosed Shieldtails)
Rhinophis fergusonianus (Cardamom Shieldtail)
Genus Uropeltis (Typical Shieldtails)
Uropeltis beddomii (Anaimalai Shieldtail)
Uropeltis broughami (Sirumalai Shieldtail)
Uropeltis dindigalensis (Dindigul Shieldtail)
Uropeltis liura (Ashambu Shieldtail)
Uropeltis macrorhyncha (Large-nosed Shieldtail)
Uropeltis maculata (Orange-spotted Shieldtail)
Uropeltis myhendrae (Barred Shieldtail)
Uropeltis nitida (Cochin Shieldtail)
Uropeltis petersi (Yellow-spotted Shieldtail)
Family Viperidae (Vipers)
Genus Atheris (African Bush Vipers)
Atheris acuminata (Acuminate Bush Viper)
Atheris hirsuta (Tai Hairy Bush Viper)
Genus Bitis (African Adders)
Bitis inornata (Plain Mountain Adder)
Genus Bothrops (American Lanceheads)
Bothrops jonathani (Cochabamba Lancehead)
Genus Cerrophidion (Central American Montane Pitvipers)
Cerrophidion petlalcalensis (Petlalcala Montane Pitviper)
Genus Crotalus (Typical Rattlesnakes)
Crotalus lannomi (Autlan Rattlesnake)
Crotalus tancitarensis (Tancitaro Rattlesnake)
Genus Echis (Carpet Vipers)
Echis hughesi (Somali Carpet Viper)
Echis jogeri (Mali Carpet Viper)
Echis megalocephalus (Big-headed Carpet Viper)
Genus Gloydius (Mamushis)
Gloydius monticola (Likiang Mamushi)
Genus Parias (Malay Archipelago Pitvipers)
Parias mcgregori (Batan Islands Pitviper)
Genus Porthidium (Hognosed Pitvipers)
Porthidium hespere (Colima Hognosed Pitviper)
Porthidium volcanicum (Ujarran Hognosed Pitviper)
Genus Protobothrops (Habus and allies)
Protobothrops kaulbacki (Burmese Lance-headed Pitviper)
Protobothrops maolanensis (Maolan Pitviper)
Genus Pseudocerastes (False Horned Vipers)
Pseudocerastes urarachnoides (Spider-tailed Viper)
Genus Sinovipera (Sichuan Mountain Pitviper)
Sinovipera sichuanensis (Sichuan Mountain Pitviper)
Genus Viridovipera (Green Tree Pitvipers)
Viridovipera medoensis (Medo Green Tree Pitviper)
Family Xenodermidae (Asian Litter Snakes)
Genus Fimbrios (Southern Bearded Snakes)
Fimbrios smithi (Greater Bearded Snake)
Family Xenophidiidae (Spiny-jawed Snakes)
Genus Xenophidion (Spiny-jawed Snakes)
Xenophidion acanthognathus (Bornean Spiny-jawed Snake)
Xenophidion schaeferi (Selangor Spiny-jawed Snake)

Turtles (Testudines)

Family Chelidae (Austro-American Side-necked Turtles)
Genus Myuchelys (Sawshelled Turtles)
Myuchelys georgesi (Bellinger River Sawshelled Turtle)
Myuchelys purvisi (Manning River Sawshelled Turtle)
Family Cheloniidae (Hard-shelled Sea Turtles)
Genus Natator (Flatback Sea Turtle)
Natator depressus (Flatback Sea Turtle)
Family Emydidae (Western Pond Turtles)
Genus Emys (European Pond Turtles)
Emys trinacris (Sicilian Pond Turtle)
Genus Terrapene (American Box Turtles)
Terrapene nelsoni (Spotted Box Turtle)
Family Kinosternidae (American Mud and Musk Turtles)
Genus Kinosternon (American Mud Turtles)
Kinosternon alamosae (Alamos Mud Turtle)
Kinosternon durangoense (Durango Mud Turtle)
Kinosternon oaxacae (Oaxaca Mud Turtle)
Family Pelomedusidae (African Side-necked Turtles)
Genus Pelusios (African Mud Turtles)
Pelusios upembae (Upemba Mud Turtle)
Family Testudinidae (Tortoises)
Genus Kinixys (Hinge-back Tortoises)
Kinixys erosa (Forest Hinge-back Tortoise)
Family Trionychidae (Softshell Turtles)
Genus Lissemys (South Asian Flapshell Turtles)
Lissemys scutata (Burmese Flapshell Turtle)

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